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Sefi's 2023 recruitment round up

By Persephone Kennedy

We're officially on the Christmas countdown!

Each week, we've been sharing the teams' thoughts on which organisations are at the top of the game in the worlds they recruit in, alongside getting the inside scoop on what they anticipate recruitment in 2024 to look like.

Here's what Sefi had to say when we asked about her 2023: 

Who was the coolest client you worked with this year?

"Systech - a new client of mine that really helped open up a new area of supply chain software solutions for my team!"

What's been your highlight of 2023?

"Continuing my professional development which has included completing modules for my Level 4 Diploma in Recruitment Management which I hope to finish in January 2024."

The best part of being a recruiter…

"I love the gut feeling when I speak to the perfect candidate and trust my intuition through to offer accept. Some of my clients now ask me, 'Did you get that feeling?'."

How Sefi secures a top candidate:

"Persistence is key, everyone is busy and unlikely to respond to your initial outreach. Continue to follow up and they will thank you in the long run, when you've secured them their dream job they didn’t even know they wanted!"

And here’s what a client had to say…

“Sefi’s ability to meet deadlines and surpass goals is truly commendable, and her unwavering commitment to her work sets her apart. She has a remarkable talent for identifying top-tier talent and fostering strong relationships with colleagues and candidates.

To sum it up, Sefi’s outstanding professionalism and results-driven approach make her an invaluable asset to any organisation.”

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