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Our top ConTech picks

By Callum Roper

2023 has been a challenging year for construction. The economic situation has seen a lot of negative headlines - but there is still plenty to celebrate in the space…

Throughout the year, the Digital Construction team here at FMC has been attending conferences, supporting vendors in their growth plans and speaking with leaders - the general mood has been 2023 has been challenging but certainly not a disaster.
The doom and gloom of the current economy is impacting every industry, but we’re seeing some of the best times in the development and adoption of solutions that promise to truly innovate how we design, build and operate the world around us.

Now more than ever, businesses in the AEC market need to secure every efficiency they can without sacrificing the quality of output, health and safety onsite and compliance to legislative requirements. Digitalisation of the construction lifecycle is now at a stage where it is a must have as opposed to a luxury. For one of the oldest industries know to humanity, now is the time to embrace these changes and drive on further innovation for the sake of the industry and the planet.

We have collated a few businesses we think are doing particularly exciting things in the construction technology market this year, whether that be through their innovative solution, the issues they are addressing or the environment they are building internally at their business. All offer different solutions but represent some shining lights in our market…⁣

Callum Roper, 360 Account Manager – NavVis  ⁣

"One vendor that has stood out this year to me has been NavVis. The organisation launched the VLX3, the latest instalment of its body-worn reality capture solution. This has allowed them to take the possibilities of mobile reality capture to the next level, with the solution being leveraged across the AEC space with impressive results. For example, water treatment facility can be scanned in 12 minutes to a BIM model and a traffic intersection can be transformed into a topographic survey in just over half an hour! 

What is clear is this is a business that is truly disrupting the space when it comes to reality capture solutions. Having met some of the team at Digital Construction Week in London, they have immense confidence in the positive impact their solution will continue to have in the space going forward."⁣

Joe Coleman, Associate Director – SenSat⁣⁣

Joe is currently living it up on annual leave, so Callum stepped in with his thoughts on one organisation we know Joe loves! 

“SenSat are a business growing in the space, having been around since just 2017. Its Project Lifecycle Platform has been seeing adoption rates pick up around the global, gaining accolades from many in the industry. However, it is not just the organisations solution we want to talk about. 

Sensat have adopted a four-day week, an increasingly popular policy that puts work-life balance at the heart of the working week. The theory behind the policy has been making working days as productive as possible to improve outcomes, whilst ensuring employees have enough time for life outside of the office. 

We are seeing the popularity of this policy rise significantly across the space. In a world of high burnout rates, poor mental health, and a continuous focus on maximising outcomes, the four-day week seems to offer a solution to both the employee and employer in this challenging environment. Who will be the next contech vendor to take this bold step?”⁣

Hannah Wood, Senior Recruiter - Abyss Solutions⁣

"Abyss Solutions has a dynamic approach to solving industry challenges, providing bespoke inspection solutions utilising machine learning across energy, marine, infrastructure, agriculture and space. Australian founded, having expanded into the US and EMEA they are among the many exciting businesses coming out of this region that is making waves in the construction technology market. 

Having worked with aligned businesses, this is certainly an organisation to keep a close eye on. Given the scale and complexity of the assets being inspected and monitored, solutions like Abyss are leading the way in the way we monitor the world." ⁣

Grace Fuller, Recruiter - OneClick LCA ⁣⁣

"OnceClick LCA is one organisation I've been impressed by, in particular with its life cycle assessment software and the vision to decarbonise construction with sustainability being a main driver. 

With legislation changing to improve greener building, the construction industry is adopting software like what One Click has to offer now more than ever to reduce their carbon impact and contribute in the global effort to counter act climate change.
Whilst it is a tough market for vendors of sustainability solutions with so many offerings in the market, OneClick have risen to the top. Considered by many to be a leader in the space and having grown significantly over the last year, the future looks very promising for the organisation."⁣

Who do you think are the most exciting companies in the digital construction space right now? We'd love to hear your thoughts!

Contact Callum on or +44 (0) 1522 812 462.