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Lizi's weekly round up

By Sam Lingwood

We're coming towards the end of Q1 (where on earth has the time gone?!) so we thought it was time to once again showcase another member of our business services division.

This week we have Lizi who does her brilliant work as part of our People team.

What's one aspect of your job that's particularly interesting?

"No two days are the same, you have your week planned out nut a curveball comes in and you have to reprioritise. Whilst this can be challenging it's an aspect of my role that I find exciting and rewarding. The variety also keeps me interested, I work on projects such as redefining pathways, developing our benefits offering and providing 1-2-1 coaching sessions."

What made you want to work for FMC?

"I've actually joined FMC on 2 occasions! First time it was one of the directors, Ryan Luckman, whose energy personifies FMC and it rubbed off on me. He made recruiting graduates into local farms sound fun! Second time round I was won over by the business wanting to develop their people agenda and it was something I was excited to be part of. FMC was where I grew up so that tug on the heartstrings helped pull me back."

What has this job at FMC taught you about yourself?

"That you will fail but that is ok, you just need to learn from it! As long as you put yourself out there and try, this is the most important thing. If you don't try nothing will change, but as long as you are making an effort to change then people will see you are passionate about your role."

What's the best thing about working at FMC?

"Without sounding cheesy I would say it's the people! I have met so many different people at FMC over the years, and a good number of them I would call true friends. There's even people that have left the company that I've kept in touch with for many years."