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Industry 4.0 and Operational Technology: who are the top employers to work for in 2023?

By Kimberley Wellen

From new tech launches to huge funding rounds, last year was an exciting time for the Industry 4.0 sector. Here’s who I think are ones to watch in 2023…

Leading-edge technologies have blurred the line between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) to bring digital transformation to the factory floor, making the Industry 4.0 revolution possible.

The ability to streamline the hardware and software controlling industrial production processes is central to improving operational efficiencies and keeping at the forefront of ever-changing customer demands.

It’s no wonder why companies are constantly seeking smart tools to upgrade their manufacturing techniques. A wave of new technology is set to digitise operations in the coming year, but certain companies are making ripples in the space, unlike any others.

Not only is this year set to be an exciting one for companies in the space, but the growth being experienced by them brings an increase in recruitment. With this in mind and based on the conversations we’ve been having with digital transformation professionals, here are FMC’s top industry 4.0 and OT players to keep an eye out for in 2023:

Litmus Automation

Launched in 2014, Litmus is the only Industrial Edge Data Platform that connects to all OT assets and puts machine data to work at the edge. With the completion of a $30 million Series B round in September 2022, the organisation entered this year in a very solid position as it continues to solve OT complexity.

Whenever we talk to candidates, they always tell us how much they want to work with the cutting-edge technology in the market, so Litmus definitely has an appealing proposition!

Honeywell Connected Enterprise

Despite its long history, Honeywell hasn’t been considered as a ‘digital’ company until recently, with a number of leadership changes throughout 2022 and a change in strategy and investments seeing the business leaning into SaaS, faster innovation, and more products.

When company reviews commending flexibility and the great team, benefits and onboarding process, Honeywell looks likely to stand out to candidates as it continues to grow within the space.

Aspen Tech

Recently named on Fast Company’s annual list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2023, the year is already off to a good start for AspenTech. Its acquisition of Inmation Software at the end of 2022 lends the company a unique market position, with an already impressive portfolio of both plant-level solutions and connectivity and AI capabilities.


With a technology agnostic solution that significantly enhances existing EAM and CMMS software, as well as LTIPs for SNR hires, L2L will play a niche market role in 2023. The company is no longer in start-up mode – with a wave of new investors seeking to expand L2L’s offerings, they are set to experience high growth. Last month it announced record growth for its solutions, with 2022’s “outstanding performance” setting the company up for a “transformational year”.

Candidates are always looking to join a company in its high-growth period – so I imagine L2L will become a name we hear from talent in the market a lot this year.


Following a 4-year partnership, Senseye was acquired by Siemens in June last year – meaning the innovative predictive tech is in a position to reach its full potential through Siemens’ global presence, technology ecosystem and impressive industrial knowledge.

And it’s not just the company experiencing growth opportunities – its employees are too! Company reviews reference great development and say the company is “very supportive of new ideas and staff having the time to learn new skills”, which is always a pull for candidates looking to move.


Featured in our list last year, Hexagon continues to be one of the companies we hear candidates talking about. The launch of digital reality platform Nexus has kickstarted 2023 for Hexagon. The technology uses the latest cloud software to allow global teams across the Additive Manufacturing space to collaborate in real-time, across the product lifecycle.

Their existing portfolio, which combines a unique offering of software and hardware, includes sustainability solutions. With corporate social responsibility being something that candidates are increasingly aware of, this emphasis on sustainability for the future is likely to add another layer to their candidate attraction proposition.