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Employer branding – so much more than just pay and flexibility

A strong brand has always been the backbone of a company’s success. The ability to stand out in the market and position yourself above your competitors opens doors to new levels of engagement, not to mention new talent.

However, employer responsibility has come to light following the pandemic, whether it’s social, political, environmental. This has made it not so easy for companies to shy away from the impact they have on their workforce and the wider society. Though people may still be swayed by a great salary package and flexible working benefits, they also want to work for a relatable company that stands for what they stand for (check out our ‘conscious quitting’ blog for more on this).

And with 75% of candidates judging employer brand before they decide to apply for a job, it’s essential for companies to get their branding right.

For employer branding to really work, the foundations must be laid from job advertising to the employee lifecycle and people management. Social media now provides a first impression of the beliefs, policies and strategies held by an organisation, and candidates will use a company’s online presence to see whether they are truly sticking to the promises they’re making. Employees also want to see their own values reflected throughout their organisation’s culture, from efforts to prioritise cultural diversity to considering the sustainability impact of the business on wider society.

So simply outlining what you stand for is not enough to attract top talent. Companies must build a clear picture of how they are acting on their beliefs, by communicating why a candidate should work for them and giving voice to their employee experiences.

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