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Digital Construction: 2023 Trends

By Joe Coleman

2023 looks to bring a whole host of new tech innovations to the digital construction scene – I’ve put together what I think are going to be this year’s most exciting trends, and how they will impact recruitment.

As we enter another new year, the Digital Construction industry continues to be a merry-go-round of innovations which promise change and new digital ways of working. Alongside familiar working habits the industry has grown to know, 2023 looks to bring a whole host of tech with automation at the heart – allowing for more efficiency than ever before.

Taking into consideration the changes seen in the industry over the past few years and following my trip to London Build 2022, I’ve put together what I think are going to be some of the most exciting trends we’re going to see this year:

Data, data, data

One thing that was discussed in length at London Build was the importance of using data to better the way projects are planned, designed, conducted, and outputted – hugely driving overall efficiency. However, it’s critical for companies to understand what is considered personal data and how it can be collected and used correctly.

Data conformity across the industry as a whole will allow for analysis like never before; in order for this, machine learning and AI will be required and therefore, a bigger emphasis on cybersecurity. As the construction industry ventures further into a digitalised future, it’s suggested data-handling becomes an integrated part of a company’s culture to ensure conformity.

Robotics & drones

Whilst still in its infancy, the wider use of construction robotics across the industry looks to be an essential part of the future. Inroads started to be made into the sector in 2022, with Boston Dynamics’ robot, ‘Dave’, having been deployed to Heathrow Airport to help deliver aspects of infrastructure work – something we’ll most likely see a lot more of throughout this year.

Last year also saw a huge rise in drone usage for quality and progress monitoring – providing real time project updates with little to no human labour input. I expect to see this become the norm as more companies to adopt the use of drones as they continue to revolutionise the life cycle of projects.

Terminology clarity

Last October, it was announced that the UK BIM Alliance was to rebrand as NIMA in a bid to be “better aligned with current and anticipated future UK thinking about digital working in the built and managed environment”.

This better representation of BIM and digital working, alongside generally gaining more clarity to terminology are hoped to create a more cohesive understanding and way of working across the industry as a whole.


With tech innovations allowing for the emergence of new IoT devices and methods, companies in the digital construction industry are increasingly realising the benefits and utilising this to enhance their operations – something I imagine to see continue into 2023 and beyond.

If applied and implemented correctly, it’s expected that IoT devices and connected data will drive up to 30% of efficiencies across the sector – from real time project conditions monitoring to personnel tracking and promoting overall workplace safety, another subject widely spoken about at London Build.

What are your thoughts?

Whilst I don’t expect 2023 to bring immediate change to the whole industry, I think more companies will open their minds to new trends. With not all tech giving instant value, taking a leap of faith is often what’s needed – as well as not getting hung up on quantitative data and focusing on the return in investment, but instead looking at qualitative data and the improvements in things such as site safety and efficiency.

And as always, tech innovation brings a hand-in-hand impact on recruitment. With these new trends, comes an update in the most desirable candidate skills in the market. I expect we’ll see a lot of Sales and Customer Success roles coming up throughout the year as companies need support in rolling out their new tech.

If you want to share your thoughts on the future of the digital construction industry or would like to find out how FMC can support your recruitment needs this year, feel free to contact me at or call me on +44 (0) 1522 812 449.

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