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Companies that are driving the motorsport space

By Ben Evans

The world of competitive racing, whether electric or traditional, always represents the very top of automotive engineering and technology.

Motorsports is home to some of the world’s most innovative companies and, as always, this year is already proving to be an exciting one for those in the space.

With the constant merry-go-round of new innovations bringing a fresh demand for top talent with unique skills, it’s vital for companies to appeal to candidates considering a move. Based on the conversations my team and I are having with industry professionals, here are five companies I think are doing it right and will remain desirable amongst candidates this year:

Audi F1

Audi intends to make their F1 debut as a power unit supplier in 2026, which will come with new regulations to push the championship towards Net Zero Carbon targets set for 2030. 

Their approach to developing a sustainably fuelled engine – as well as the challenges they will face to uphold high performance and competition – has gathered a wealth of intrigue, and makes Audi an attractive player for candidates looking to work with cutting-edge hybrid technology within an automotive organisation that's showing awareness of corporate social responsibility. This is something that's increasingly important to candidates - see our conscious quitting blog for more on this!

Williams F1

Former Mercedes Strategy Director James Vowles took the reins at Williams as Team Principal ahead of the 2023 season. This followed a series of recent management changes by Williams, including a transfer of ownership to investment firm Dorilton Capital in 2020. 

Company reviews reference an excellent working environment and evolving atmosphere alongside the management shifts, describing “rising morale”, encouraging future plans and a culture for “young engineers to flourish”. With the rising importance of company culture, this adds another layer to William’s candidate attraction proposition.

The fresh leadership, financial backing and ambitious plans to rebuild the organisation from the ground up, combined with the legacy the Williams name carries, makes the employer one to watch in 2023. 


Ferrari also placed a new Team Principal at their helm; Fred Vassuer’s transfer to the role in January has been designed to transform Ferrari’s race operation weak points and deliver a world championship-winning team - always an exciting prospect!

Much anticipation has been created by the appointment. Will Vassuer’s new strategic approaches enable Ferrari to finally oversee some success that reflects the performance potential of their cars? 

And with past company reviews indicating a lack of managerial efficiency, will the changes allow stability to be instilled following the politics of the 2022 season?


After design flaws knocked Mercedes from the top spot in 2022, talent has been watching how the company would reshape the car concept to gain a competitive edge.

Though they may not be back to challenging the best of F1, Mercedes is making an aggressive series of in-season upgrades to unlock car performance - including radical changes they made ahead of May’s Monaco Grand Prix.

The team has sustained a clear sense of collaboration, drive and optimism despite the setbacks, as reflected by employees referencing a “no blame culture” across the organisation. Mercedes thus continues to stand out to candidates looking to join a supportive environment, particularly as the organisation teases what could be the beginnings of a comeback to the front of the field.


Andretti Autosport is renowned for its presence across the American motorsport scene – including a number of IndyCar championship titles.

Following a partnership with US car leaders General Motors in 2021, the organisation now seem to hold the most realistic chance of seeing another team on the F1 grid. The joining of the companies’ forces brings together essential funding, facilities and a respected Technical Director that could enable Andretti to take their motorsport pedigree from the American industry to a global scale.

Potential for huge growth and the chance to disrupt the current automotive scene is an exciting factor of consideration for candidates, and so it’s no wonder the Andretti name is regularly circulating talent in this year’s market.

Who do you think are the most exciting companies in the space right now? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities we’re currently working on or would like to find out how our Motorsport team can support your recruitment needs this year, contact me at or call me on +44 (0) 7772 663 205.