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Ben's recruitment round up

By Ben Evans

Carrying on with getting to know some of our recruiters we have Ben. If there's anything worth knowing about motorsport & clean propulsion, Ben knows it!

We sat down with him to hear about his time at FMC as well as what's happening in his industries…

What's some interesting news coming from your market?

"That the most talented engineers care less about the team and where they are on the grid, but more about their ability to make an impact and the long term vision of said team."

What's a top tip you have to secure your perfect candidate?

"Meet them. Make it clear that you don't care if they're interested in the role. You want to meet them anyway. But, if you are to stand a chance of convincing them otherwise, you stand much more chance in a face-to-face setting."

What are you looking forward to in the space this year?

"Less this year, but I am looking forward to seeing what Audi can do with the Power Unit and the 2026 changes as a whole!"

What's the best thing about working at FMC?

"The best thing about working at FMC - the team I have around me."

What was your biggest recruitment win last week?

"Rekindling a relationship with one of the world's best clean propulsion technology consultancies, Drive System Design."

Interested in a career in the industry? Or just want a chat about the latest news within motorsport and clean propulsion? Reach out to Ben on