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Attracting the best MedTech talent

By Frankie Garrod

It's no secret that the MedTech market moves at a rapid pace, and we're seeing this now more than ever.

With new tech launches, funding rounds and acquisitions being announced on a weekly basis, organisations need to ensure they have solid teams in order to stay competitive.

And having a strong team starts with securing the best candidates - the sort of candidates who won't hang around during a dragged out hiring process. A succinct and thought-out process is a bulletproof way of keeping top candidates motivated, engaged and committed. Candidate experience is vital for brand reputation in what is an interactive and highly competitive market. 

Ultimately, organisations need to sell themselves now more than ever. There are infinite ways to do this, and as times are rapidly changing we're seeing new things appear at the top of candidates' checklists of desires. Right now, candidates want to feel looked after but also inspired…

Make moves in the market

Have a clear vision and promote this. Prospective candidates want to believe a company is seeking to make a difference in their world and if this is not evidenced, it's unlikely they'll feel a spark.

Be authentic 

Live and breathe the values associated with the vision. Companies shouldn't put on a front and pretend to be something they're not - this will be found out quickly and result in retention taking a hit.

Don't discard diversity

Put diversity near the top of the company's agenda. A diverse workforce not only brings a wide range of perspectives, ideas and skills to the table - but it attracts a hugely wider range of candidates.

Reap what you sow

Invest. In people, their progression and their wellbeing. In building a sustainable company future. And in the best equipment to keep fresh ideas flowing. Investing now will always show a return in the long run but again, promotion and evidence of this is key.

Money matters

Pay good money. With constant innovation happening in the MedTech market, there’s a constant demand for fresh skills. Paying well will always reap its benefits when looking for top talent.

Be ambitious

MedTech professionals love new tech, so companies (often start-ups) that aren't able to afford big salaries can combat it by being the most interesting. Stand out with hot, exciting challenges

Interested in how your salary stacks up to the market average? Looking to grow your team and want to know what moves candidates? Or simply want to discover recruitment insight from within MedTech markets?

You're in the right place! At FMC Medical Technology, we pride ourselves on sharing our insight and knowledge of the markets we work within, with the aim of providing valuable information with candidates and clients alike.

We recently released our latest report, which highlights: 

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