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Adam’s top automotive employers | 2023

By Adam Stackhouse

In the Auto Innovation world, the clue is in the name… it’s all about innovation. The companies we get asked about time and time again have this in common, and when choosing an employer people tend to want to work for whoever they believe to be at the forefront of up and coming tech.

With the constant merry-go-round of new innovations bringing a fresh demand for top candidates with unique skills, it’s vital for companies to appeal to those considering a move. Based on the conversations my team and I are having with industry professionals, here’s some companies I think are doing it right and will remain desirable amongst candidates this year:

Red Bull Racing

After coming into existence in 2004 as a challenger for Grand Prix and World Championship titles, Red Bull has always been at the forefront of F1 performance and technology. Pairing cutting edge technology with the ever-changing, fast-paced lifestyle that engineers love, Red Bull hugely appeals to those wanting to work with the best of the best.

Red Bull once said that they wanted to ‘make F1 fun’, and it seems they’ve got this right when it comes to their employees. Regularly praised for having a great company culture and fantastic employee perks (shoutout to the complimentary drinks!), working for Red Bull is a popular choice. 

And from conversations with hiring leaders at other companies, they see few applications from Red Bull for their live requirements, indicating that they are able to retain as well as recruit top talent.


Ferrari is so iconic of a name in the F1 world that they could attract candidates on brand legacy alone, and is another organisation with cutting edge tech that is often brought up in conversations with candidates. 

With much anticipation having been created by the new Team Principal appointment, which put Fred Vassuer’s at the helm to transform Ferrari’s race operation weak points, it’s looking like Ferrari could be on its way to delivering a world championship-winning team – which, of course, appeals to candidates wanting to work for one of the top dogs.

Will Vassuer’s new strategic approaches enable Ferrari to finally oversee some success that reflects the performance potential of their cars? And with past company reviews indicating a lack of managerial efficiency, will the changes allow stability to be instilled following the politics of the 2022 season?


After design flaws knocked Mercedes from the top spot in 2022, talent has been watching how the company would reshape the car concept to gain a competitive edge.

Though they may not be back to challenging the best of F1, Mercedes is making an aggressive series of in-season upgrades to unlock car performance – including radical changes they made ahead of May’s Monaco Grand Prix.

The team has sustained a clear sense of collaboration, drive and optimism despite the setbacks, as reflected by employees referencing a “no blame culture” across the organisation. This means they continue to stand out to candidates looking to join a supportive environment, particularly as the organisation teases what could be the beginnings of a comeback to the front of the field.


When discussing the organisations who should make the list, my colleague Rhys Greenslade shouted from the FMC rooftop that Oxa deserved a mention, so here’s his take…

Following a rebrand earlier this year to support upcoming global scaling, the next few years really are looking exciting for Oxa as they continue to develop their autonomous vehicle software. 2023 has already been solid, with a $140M of funding raised and joining forces with Goggo Network, who plan to introduce Oxa’s self-driving technology in their fleet of on-road autonomous electric vehicles across Europe.

Putting everything ­­else aside, there’s very few candidates in this space that wouldn’t find it incredibly cool that Oxa’s system can be placed into any vehicle, and it would know where it is and how the move around – from the top of a mountain to the depths of a forest! 

­­Who do you think are the most exciting companies in the space right now? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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