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5 top digital manufacturing companies to work for this year

Growth in the digital manufacturing space has led to an increase in recruitment – here’s some of the top companies to work for this year.

Following a period of instability caused by the pandemic, many markets – such as digital manufacturing – are busier than ever. From the increased demand for software that makes remote working possible to the rise in Industry 4.0, many companies in the space are finding themselves in a incredibly strong position.

Not only does 2022 look to be an exciting time for companies in the space, but the growth being experienced by them brings an increase in recruitment. With this in mind and based on the conversations my team and I are having with digital manufacturing professionals, I’ve put together five of my top technology companies to work for and a selection of their achievements in the last year:  

Centric Software 

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Centric Software provide retailers, fashion brands and manufacturers with the digital transformation tools to accelerate their business.2021 was a big year for Centric, with the company acquiring the end-to-end retail planning solution provider, Armonica Retail, in November. 

They also celebrated 500 PLM projects and announced the release of their latest PLM solution, Centric 8 PLM Version 7.3 in July, alongside partnering with multiple fashion and lifestyle brands including Wilton Bradley and Sela. 

A strong 2021 plus consistently good Glassdoor reviews (citing a dynamic company culture and a great team) make Centric Software a popular choice with candidates.


2021 was full of new launches and acquisitions for Hexagon, a global leader in digital reality solutions, combining sensor, software and autonomous technologies. In September, the company acquired Jovix software and services business from Atlas RFID Solutions and in January this year acquired Minnovare, a leading provider of drilling technology that improves the speed, cost and accuracy of underground drilling. 

This comes as the company expanded its sustainability agenda to help protect coastal blue carbon ecosystems in December alongside launching HxGN MineMeasure, a tailored solution combining blast design software, high-precision drilling, blast movement monitoring, fragmentation analysis and enterprise analytics in September. With corporate social responsibility being something that candidates are increasingly aware of, this emphasis on sustainability for the future is likely to add another layer to their candidate attraction proposition.

Romax Technology 

A subsidiary of Hexagon, Romax Technology is known for its “world-leading” solutions for electro-mechanical drivetrain design and simulation. Last year, the company released the complete Romax Software Suite which saw new features across the simulation portfolio, with a particular focus on enabling customers to work in more collaborative ways.  

2021 also saw Romax collaborate with VI-grade to bring powertrain and vehicle NVH engineers closer together, in addition to a partnership with Dontyne Systems to help bring the worlds of gear design and manufacturing closer together. 

Cutting edge technologies are always attractive to candidates looking to join a market leading company, and that combined with Romax’s strong benefits package makes them a popular choice.


Winner of the Construction Computing Awards 2021 – Symetri spent last year partnering with many big names in the space. The company announced partnerships with Applied Software which brought 360 Sync into the Symetri portfolio in August, and Oculo to help offer customers greater project visibility in September. 

And together with Unity, Symetri launched Sovelia Visualizer – a technology solution for users to view their design data in real-time 3D and Augmented or Virtual Reality (AR/VR) with full access to the model’s properties and other information added in the design phase. 

If being an award-winning organisation wasn’t enough to tempt candidates to join them, Symetri also boast a customer-focused attitude with passionate employees, according to Glassdoor reviews.


Last year was an exciting year for Technia in terms of partnerships and acquisitions – it renewed its partnership with Walraven in November and just last month, acquired Claytex Services Limited, a UK and US leader in advanced simulation with more than 20 years of experience in sectors such as energy, process and utility. 

And when Glassdoor reviews mention excellent management, a close-knit team, and exciting technologies it’s easy to see why candidates often want to work for Technia.

Honourable mentions 

With a market so full of innovation, it was hard to narrow it down to my top picks. So here are some honourable mentions to keep your eye on this year: 

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We have an excellent track record of introducing the most forward-thinking industry 4.0 professionals with companies like the above, who are looking to drive changes and revolutionise the traditional industrial sectors.

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