Wound care sales – it might not be glamorous but don’t underestimate it!

Ryan Luckman, Associate Director of the Medical & Science Technology team at FMC Global Talent.
Ryan Luckman, Associate Director of the Medical & Science Technology team at FMC Global Talent.

When you think of wound care chances are you don’t think of a particularly glamorous profession. But what it lacks in glamour it more than makes up for in innovation and impact.

The wound care market is often overlooked by medical sales people in favour of more ‘desirable’ markets, such as medical imaging and diagnostics. Patient wise, it seems smaller-scale in terms of the impacts on the lives of patients. Career wise, it’s seen as a numbers game that doesn’t bring bonuses in in huge chunks, and it’s often considered to be a ‘starting point’ for a career in medical sales.

Because of this, wound care is often underestimated. Here’s why you shouldn’t overlook it.

Wound care helps our hospitals

New wound care products can literally halve the need for hospital beds and reduce the rate of rehospitalisation for chronic wound patients.

The real value of wound care products goes far beyond their prescribed ticket value. This makes for an interesting sales market to work in.

Innovation is at the heart of the market

Innovation is critical in the wound care space, and there is always a need for new and revolutionary products. Finding and holding on to the best talent to keep up with the fast-paced and ever-changing market is crucial.

At the moment, negative pressure wound therapy is the hot topic in the wound care market. An innovative technology, suction is applied to the wound to create an almost vacuum, which facilitates enhanced healing, reduced need for dressing changes, and improved quality of life for patients undergoing the treatment.

Innovations such as these make the wound care market interesting and exciting, not only for hospitals, clinicians and patients, but also for you, the person selling these wound care products.

Let’s talk about money

In this market you’ll get a good basic salary, often higher than those working in sales for higher ticket medical products. You’ll also likely receive consistent bonuses throughout the year due to the volume of sales of wound care products you’ll be making – companies will often buy reliably per month, meaning that the bonus you receive will be equally reliable. Combining the two makes for a desirable financial package that perhaps you may not have expected from the market.

Wound care sales careers provide a reliable income from bonuses matched with a good basic salary. What more could you want?

Wound care genuinely changes lives

At first glance, wound care may not sound like it would have a huge impact on the lives of patients compared to imaging, surgery or diagnostics. Burns, ulcers and other serious wounds can be debilitating for patients and have a serious effect on their quality of life. Chronic wounds need to be properly looked after to prevent patients being re-admitted to hospital as well as to avoid potential long-term disabilities.

Wound care can improve the lives of chronic wound patients tenfold, and can prevent them from experiencing lasting effects from their wound. It’s impact is probably far bigger than you imagined and as a sales person in this industry, you would be directly contributing to this.

Interested in a medical sales career in the wound care market?

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