Working in Software Sales

What’s it like working in Software Sales?

Kimberley Wellen - Account Manager
Kimberley Wellen, Software Sales Specialist, Account Manager, FMC Global Talent

What’s it like working in the Software Sales team at FMC Global Talent?

I love what I do and am lucky enough to genuinely like the people I work with. It’s not what you may traditionally think of in terms of recruitment environments…it’s like the love child of Michael Page and Google! Its fast paced and exciting, but we take great pride in the quality of service we provide and I receive huge support from my colleagues and managers to progress my career.

…and my boss fuels my diet coke addiction on a daily basis.

It’s great that you get to specialise so you really know what you are talking about. My team works with some of the world’s leading software brands to attract and secure leading talent.

Around the World in 8 Hours

We work globally. In the morning I could be dealing with Australia, then Asia… and by the time lunch is over I can be headhunting in North America. The cultures and challenges vary significantly; it is a real education to gain an insight into business practices in different countries. Don’t worry we do a significant amount of work in the UK and Europe too. We use technology a lot to reduce our carbon foot print and save time, so I am on Skype regularly interviewing candidates. However, with those closer to home there is time for face to face meetings too which is always something I look forward to.

Sell, sell, sell!

In many areas of recruitment, identifying and assessing candidate suitability is one of the main challenges. The joy of sales people is that in the vast majority of cases they are only too happy to talk about themselves and highlight their suitability. Rarely do they hide their light under a bushel! Whether it’s a rainmaker, hunter or farmer (sounds more like Game of Thrones than commercial terms, but in sales this is what they are called). The conversations are often hugely engaging, challenging and stimulating, it’s great fun.

Easy, peasy?

There’s plenty of sales people out there. There is no shortage of them. So you’d think it’d be really easy to find the right one. But it’s not. Placing sales people in software organisations is a lot about the culture they are going in to and their personality match. It is my job to find not only the skills, the qualifications and the experience but also to find the right cultural fit! This is probably more prominent in the sales market than any other sector I have experienced (I used to work in Accounting and Finance recruitment – a totally different ball game).

I spend the time really getting to know my clients, and then I spend the time getting to know the candidates. I work hard at this and the results follow. You have to like people and take an interest but get it right and it is hugely rewarding.

My favourite thing

My favourite thing about working in the Software Sales team is the varied nature of my day to day work. I never speak to the same type of person twice. Everyone has a different story. Plus, I get to do all of this at FMC – where we have the freedom to grow our area of the business. Surrounded by cool and likeminded individuals who support each other to be the best they can be.

FMC is definitely not like other recruitment organisations out there.

Want to work with me?

We are looking to grow my team significantly this year so if you are interested in applying, whether you’re a graduate or someone with a few years of experience, you can apply at Alternatively, if you have any questions about working here, you can email me directly at