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Will Smart Industry software and technology thrive post-Brexit?

James Skelton, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent.
James Skelton, Specialist Marketer – Smart Industry at FMC Global Talent.

Another blog about Brexit? Boring… nevertheless, Brexit will impact a technology revolution in full swing and will redefine the UK’s position within the Smart Industry.

Regardless of the deal, uncertainty and controversy have spread across technology and software businesses throughout the UK, forcing them to rethink their UK strategies. And with MPs dropping like flies, there May only be one saviour…

The Prime Minister has assured the Smart Industry of future investment in return for post-Brexit support. As Theresa May continues to thrash out a deal, she vouches to make the UK Smart Industry a “fertile ground for new business and industries”.

So, will Brexit be so bad after all? According to many leaders, Brexit could spark innovation and excel the fourth industrial revolution for the UK. Let’s look at which software areas will thrive.

Supply Chain Management

Exports will increase in many industries, heightening the demand for a sophisticated supply chain management solution. “Logistics 4.0” will leverage the IoT to provide real-time, accurate data to cope with demands whilst cloud, analytics, and sensor devices will also play key roles.

Digital Twins

Digital twins are simulations of physical assets which provide real-time data on their behaviours and performance over time. Thanks to recent advancements, digital twins are becoming increasingly available to SME’s to reduce costs, maintain assets and refine future design.

Information Management

Historically, the Smart Industry has excelled in data collection however has failed to breakdown datasets into meaningful information. Thanks to software such as Siemen’s PDM and Autodesk’s Vault, data is now being used to innovate, reduce costs, gain time and make informed business decisions.

Additive Manufacturing

According to Additive Manufacturing UK, by 2025 the 3D-printing industry could contribute over £3.5bn to the economy, creating over 60,000 jobs in the process. Whilst there is a degree of uncertainty surrounding imports and exports of materials, the UK is well-regarded as a future pioneer for the additive manufacturing landscape.

AI & Robotics

Despite much less investment than the US, China and wider European regions, the government claim that AI and robotics could generate £232bn by 2030. London is home to research centers, UK based headquarters and a global financial center which attracts oversea custom and investment in the UK market.

FMC Smart Industry

FMC Smart Industry operate specifically within the Digital Plant, Manufacturing and Construction markets. Thanks to over 10 years of experience in engineering software verticals, we have a fantastic track record of connecting software providers with the most successful technical and sales talent globally.

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