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Which digital transformation jobs are driving change in Digital Plant 2019?

Liz Woods, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent.
Liz Rainey, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent.

Industry 4.0 has completely disrupted the internal dynamics of software vendors operating in traditional industrial markets and have introduced the requirement for digital transformation jobs.

Job descriptions have evolved and adapted to deliver a combination of products and services for consumers, in addition to raising awareness and educating the market on the benefits of investing in digital transformation solutions.

Whilst the fourth industrial revolution offers a new horizon for the industry, traditional job roles are likely to be made redundant as Digital Plant continues to develop.

Equally, digital transformation jobs are becoming the driving force behind delivering the promise of a digital, collaborative plant environment.

FMC surveyed talent and sales leaders in Europe and the USA operating within a variety of Digital Plant organisations to understand which digital transformation jobs will drive change in 2019.

The results

  • 29% of US respondents and 21% of EU respondents identified Software Development roles as the biggest driving force for digital transformation in 2019.
  • 29% of US respondents also highlighted Customer Success roles as the primary job which will drive digital transformation in 2019.
  • 21% of EU respondent recognised New Business Sales as the primary job behind digital transformation this year.
  • 21% of US respondents and 12% of EU respondents claim Data Analytics is helping drive industry growth.
  • Lastly, 12% of EU respondents voted Applications Engineers as the key influences behind digital transformation in 2019.

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Software Development

As software adoption and integration continues to rise across the sector, there is an increasing demand for software development and maintenance. The opportunity to develop new software, and plug-ins for existing software, is endless in the race to achieve operational excellence.

Customer Success

This mostly likely relates to servitisation as software vendors adapt their business models to increase customer intimacy and product leadership. As a result, I predict an uplift in the recruitment of Customer Success roles globally for software vendors and innovators in 2019.

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New Business Sales

The new business sales role has acquired many new faces over its lifetime, particularly in emerging technology markets where sales cycles are typically longer. A consultative, disruptive and insight led sales approach has trended over recent years laced by the delivery of software services.

Data Analytics

As software vendors assist plant organisations in unlocking their treasure troves of data, data analytics is useful to understand and utilise its potential. Via software or services, data analytics defines and unravels previously useless datasets and will continue to trend in 2019.

Applications Engineer

Applications Engineers have increased over recent years thanks again to the increasing demand for software training, installation and maintenance and will be a key theme throughout Industry 4.0. Consistent touch points with customers of emerging technology is important to gain trust, increase customer experience and maximise the return on customer investment.

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