What makes FMC FMC? We asked some of our current employees!

The people, the culture, the never-ending supply of cake… what makes us FMC?

Beth Wingad, Specialist Marketer - Meditech, at FMC Global Talent
Beth Wingad, Specialist Marketer – Meditech, at FMC Global Talent

It’s been a year of celebration here at FMC, some would say we’ve milked our 30th anniversary… even bagging ourselves a weekend in Barcelona and for some a trip to Lisbon as well! And, of course, plentiful cake eating and work drinks…

It’s been my own 1st year at FMC and what a year to start my career here! As part of our ongoing celebrations, I decided to ask other people who have worked here for longer than me what FMC means to them, so I could truly understand what makes FMC special.

1. Culture

FMC’s culture isn’t something I’ve seen replicated anywhere else, and whichever office you walk into, you feel welcome straight away. Not just that but you feel part of something with people who you are genuinely happy to be around. One of our senior accounts managers in our Bristol office sums it up well…

‘Work for me isn’t just a way to the pay the bills; I spend around 80% of my working week at work so for me, I need to work in a fun environment where I can push myself professionally. FMC is definitely a company that has the right blend of fun and professionalism. The people I work with are not only talented and dedicated but also fun. There is always something to laugh about! I’m also encouraged to challenge myself on a daily basis and progress in my career with the support provided to help me achieve success. FMC are also true to their values; the management team genuinely cares about it’s employees as well as the service we provide to our customers which is important. We’re all working together to achieve a company vision and you feel part of that goal’ Kim Wellen, Senior Account Manager

2. People

The people are a huge part of what makes FMC, FMC. Working with a happy bunch of people who genuinely care about one another makes a difference to your day, and when you spend so much time per week at work, it pays to not want to throttle them…

‘FMC to me means family. It is a place where everyone enjoys coming every single day, knowing that there are people who care, have fun and work hard to achieve great things. FMC know how to treat employees right and in return they get employees who give 110%. I love FMC!’ Charlotte Ashton, Account Manager

Our internal recruitment must be serving us well (and I’m not just saying that because they hired me!)

3. Support

The overriding sense you get at FMC is that the people are at the heart of the business and are valued from every level. Knowing you will be listened to if you have a suggestion, a problem or a view about something is really reassuring and helps me to feel supported. Adam Stackhouse sums it up rather well here…

‘To me, FMC means an opportunity to create something with the knowledge that we have a lot of support. I feel genuinely valued and think it’s great that the management team will always consider your views’ Adam Stackhouse, Account Manager

We’re a happy, hard-working bunch! Our motto of ‘its what you make it’ really rings true here… if you put the effort in you’ll get the value out and feel empowered to do a good job.

4. Something special

There’s something that just makes FMC FMC. Like Marcus says, you can’t define it…

‘This is my second stint at FMC, in two different roles so FMC has many professional meanings for me. First time round I was a fresh-faced grad and started as a Business Analyst. Five years later I was a client facing consultant with my own client list and projects but looking for a new challenge in a different location so moved on. It was a big decision as I’d grown up both professionally and personally in that time and FMC had become both a family and a home. Two years ago I returned into the Operations Manager role after a period of time away where I had added great breadth and depth of experience to my professional experience. I was able to bring with me a fresh perspective to a company with a special place to my whole sense of being and in all the best ways it hadn’t changed. The people were different, and instead of the youngest I was one of the oldest, but the thing that makes FMC FMC was still there. It can’t be defined, it just is, and it’s what makes businesses like this one grow and provide opportunities to all those who take on board the fact that your day job is 100% what you make it!’ Marcus Barker, Operations Manager

The people, the culture and the support provided (not to mention the cake) feeds into the ‘thing’ that makes FMC the place it is.

If you want to find out what FMC means to even more people, take a look at what our management team and some of our ex-employees had to say.

I’m proud to be coming up to my first year here, and we’re all proud to be celebrating 30 years of FMC this year… here’s to the next 30!