What does FMC mean to our leadership team?

Pride, privilege and personalities – what FMC means to our leaders!

Gemma Sleight, Marketing Executive at FMC Global Talent, specialists recruitment and headhunting consultancy in Bristol and Lincoln.
Gemma Sleight, Marketing Manager at FMC Global Talent

We spend a large proportion of our lives at work, it has to mean something to us right? For some work is a means to an end, allowing them to support their families or holiday in fabulous places. Whilst to others it’s a significant part of their lives, bringing joy (no doubt frustration at times) and a sense of purpose.

When it comes to leading from the front, having that meaningful sense of purpose is critical. Leaders, after all, are responsible for bringing everyone else along on the journey to success. It’s not easy, in fact it’s damn difficult… so having a purpose, a goal, a journey to get behind is critical.

Our 30 year anniversary got us thinking about our own leadership team and what FMC means to them. FMC is unique in the sense that it was founded as ‘a reaction to corporate life’, so our management team and fouders have created a unique culture to match.

So we asked them the question, ‘what does FMC mean to you’? 

‘FMC was founded as a reaction to corporate life. Where valuing individuals, creates service quality that cannot be matched. It is the manifestation of the people and personalities that have made it such a remarkable business. It is a true melting point of all the individuals both internally and externally that have contributed to its success. My overwhelming emotion when I think of FMC is a sense of genuine pride in what it has become, and gratitude for the people that have been part of the last 30 years and the years to come.’ Iain McCracken – Managing Director

There’s a real emphasis on working towards common goals, with employees of all levels supporting one another in achieving success. We operate in a market that’s always had a reputation for being cutthroat and competitive, but at FMC the unwavering support everyone gives and receives is ‘an incredibly rare and valuable thing’

‘Belonging to something. FMC is as much about a job as it is about being a member of a group of people who share common goals and who enjoy spending time with one another. Apart from me, I often liken it to a much fatter version of ‘Band of Brothers’. I know that we genuinely care as a business, as a team, that we unquestionably support one another and in the commercial world that we occupy that is an incredibly rare and valuable thing. FMC is a very special place for those people that get it and understand it and I feel very privileged to be part of it. Nearly 20 years ago I joined a business of five people, immensely excited about growing a recruitment business and unwavering in my belief in what we would achieve. Nearly 20 years later in my early forties, I am even more excited by the fact that five people has grown to nearly 50 and that belief remains, but is even stronger due to the people that now represent FMC and the talent, belief, energy and commitment that they bring. FMC is one of the few places whereby you genuinely get out what you put in and personally I feel very lucky to be part of it working with the people that I do.’ Dave Powell – Director

Our leaders have worked hard to create a ‘unique culture’ at FMC, and there’s a real family feel here (and not just because we’re headed up by two brothers)

‘FMC reflects the principles that were cornerstones at its foundation 30 years ago of ethics, ambition, and the pursuit of opportunity. Our original stewardship has been successfully transferred to a board of directors who bring vigour, skill and a unique culture to the firm. We take particular pride in the excellence of succession that has been achieved not only to a second generation of family members but to impressively talented shareholders and directors who complete the senior leadership team of today; a baton securely passed on.’ Steve McCracken – Founder

The result of this kind of leadership is, ultimately, respect. Everyone who works here respects one another and the business seeing it as ‘far more than just an employer’

“FMC is a huge part of my life and is far, far more than just an employer! It feels like my own business, an environment which encourages individuality, personal development and success by listening to, trusting and supporting people and even when times are tough, giving everyone the respect they deserve.” Chris Mapp – Director

There’s an immense sense of pride in FMC from all of our leadership team, and this extends into the people they employ. Watch this space to find out what FMC means to some of the people who work here!

If you’re interested in joining us and finding out what FMC could mean for you, have a look at our prospectus and send us your CV.