What FMC means to some of our ex-employees

What FMC means to us… the people that left to work elsewhere!

Iain McCracken, Managing Director at FMC Global Talent
Iain McCracken, Managing Director at FMC Global Talent

After an epic trip to Barcelona to celebrate our 30th, we’re feeling all reflective. Thinking back on the years, the development of the business and the people who have impacted the way the ship has steered. Speaking to my fellow leadership team here, it couldn’t be clearer the pride that they feel to have been a part of it (click here to read what FMC means to them).

So, what about those people? The ones who had an impact along the way, but perhaps went on to work elsewhere? How do they reflect on their time at FMC? Well we asked some of them and here is what they said!



‘I always look back at FMC as the place I grew up professionally, taking me from a fresh graduate to the marketer I am today. I’m so happy I’m still in touch with the team and was very lucky to work with such wonderful people with an inspiring mindset straight out of university. FMC set the bar high for what I expect from future employers and I like to think I have kept the advice and coaching I received on board. I still count completing Tough Mudder with the boys as one of my biggest achievements!’ Sophie Higgs, previous employee

Getting the right people to work here is something that FMC prides itself on – people who fit in with our culture and become part of the FMC family. Recruiting is not always easy, but worthwhile investing the time to get it right.

‘Firstly, to me, FMC means a great place to work. It was my first paid job out of university and I learnt a huge amount. Secondly, it means great people. I was surrounded by people who wanted me to succeed, and the company set me up perfectly for moving to London 15 months later. Thirdly, it means Bertie – Steve and Sally’s dog. Well, it mainly means Bertie – but if I just said that, it would no doubt defeat the point of this exercise. Happy 30th birthday FMC!’ James Naish, previous employee

We are proud that the people who often started off their career here at FMC, have gone on to have success elsewhere. What’s even better is that they check in with us, letting us know how it’s going and keep us in the loop. Not many can say their ex-employees do that!

‘FMC to me means professional development. From the first convo with Iain about not being defensive (..what!? I’m not defensive!..oh..) to Tim’s endless patience (against considerable odds). I’ve used everything I learned at FMC at every turn throughout my career and continue to. I would not have survived without it and am eternally grateful for that. Plus it was a real laugh. In the words of Take That (apt if Iain continues to model himself style wise on Gary Barlow)…I’ll never forget…’ Olivia Walker, previous employee

‘A fantastic team who support your development and helped me realise my aspirations.’ Isaac Liversidge, previous employee

This business started as a reaction to corporate life, and we wanted to put people first. 30 years on and I can genuinely say that people are still at the heart of FMC. It may have taken on a life of its own but when people inevitably move on we appear to keep a place in their hearts.