trial and tribulations of telephone screens

Business up top, party downstairs. The trials and tribulations of video interviews!

Charlotte Ashton, Senior Recruiter of Meditech at FMC Global Talent.
Charlotte Ashton, Meditech Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.

If you’re a good sales person… you should probably know how to sell your most important product. Yourself!

Employers are looking for someone to represent their brand, and you will become that brand. So nailing this at interview stage is so important. When it comes to selling yourself over a video interview though, is it harder? Yes. Do you miss out a bit on reading body language, eye contact and your ability to ‘read’ the interviewer… Yes.

We’ve seen a MASSIVE increase in video interviews for our medical sales candidates, due to obvious reasons (tech, push for efficiency, increased ability to work from home etc.). Paired with an even bigger push for diverse sales personalities in the workplace.

So what should you do and avoid doing in video interviews?

Sit close and look at the camera
It may sound silly, but I have experienced a lot of full bodied video screens. I can’t see the face, it’s hard to hear and feels 10x more awkward. Oh, and please look at the camera not the screen.

Set-up the camera in advance and practise
Practise is obvious, but people often fail to have the camera set-up in good time before the interview commences. Ending up with dirty dishes and last night’s takeaway in the background – not cool.

Dressing the part… business up top, party down stairs (“it’s ok, no-one will see my pants”)
In all seriousness, dress the part fully. It’ll make you feel much more professional and your whole stance will change. Plus, you may forget and stand up during the interview, that would be… embarrassing.

Breathe and take your time
You may be a pro on your Instagram or Snapchat story at talking to the camera… and think your voice projects perfectly well, but doing it when someone is on the other end is a whole other kettle of fish. Take your time and leave space for them to interject.

Have a back-up plan
Stuff can go wrong, internet connections can go down, your device can fall down the toilet, you may be forced out of your living room by your cat… who knows. So always have a back-up plan.

That’s it, just some quick tips from me.

Happy video interviewing folks and remember to wear pants!


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