Do medical device sales people hold the key to job security?

We may never get a warm fuzzy feeling from having security in a job… but it’s pretty damn close. Not everyone has the luxury of feeling truly secure in a position or industry! Having it makes life a whole lot easier.

FMC Meditech recently completed some research looking at 12 months of candidates looking to move jobs in medical device sales and what was motivating them to make the move. The results were pretty interesting when it came to role security (you can download the full white paper here)!

Teeny tiny insecurity

On the whole most people referenced business brand, products, the market and progression as reasons to make the move to a new employer. Only 2% of the candidates referenced greater role security as a reason!

In particular, candidates felt most secure in these regions:

  • East Midlands
  • London
  • Scotland
  • South East

And most secure in these role types:

  • Regional Sales Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Territory Sales Manager

So what’s up with that? Why is medical device sales so secure?

There are some obvious answers to do with the medical industry always needing medical devices, that need never goes away! However, it is much more than that… this industry is all about innovation right now. The medical device sector is benefiting from massive advances in technology, whether it be the introduction of artificial intelligence or more portable devices, or whatever the next thing is, the medical device sector is starting to implement it.

Pair this with the care supply chains in the UK (specifically in the NHS) beginning to get access to this technology through open supply deals… and you get a winning combination.

So medical device sales people are in demand to fulfill the sale of these new medical devices! Hence why they probably feel fairly secure in their positions.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?

Read our report on motivators to move in medical device sales here.