UKRCO 2018 – Time for a break-up?

Billy Williams, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.
Billy Williams, Diagnostics Account Manager at FMC Meditech.

One week on from UKRCO finishing, the dust has settled, the stands are packed away and everyone is beavering away trying to follow-up on those all-important conversations.

For the manufacturers that put huge amounts of time and effort into exhibiting at UKRCO it is a vital time of year. An opportunity to show the world new systems, a chance to secure sales on their equipment and a great time to demonstrate their products to those in the industry. However, 3 years after UKRC and UKRO integrated into one event, is it time for a break-up?

For FMC Meditech UKRCO was a fantastic opportunity to meet with clients and candidates, introduce ourselves to some new talent in the market and gain some valuable insight on the market, where it’s going and how developments could impact the talent landscape.

Post-Show Feedback

Over the couple of days I attended UKRCO I asked everyone that I spoke with the same question; “How are you finding the show?”.

In general, the responses were all along the same lines, that it was okay, but it used to be better! Those in the radiation oncology sector in particular seemed quite disappointed with the low numbers of delegates they had to speak with across the week, less than 60 according to some people.

Those who had been exhibiting for years mentioned how the event used to be far bigger in terms of size and presence, with a walk around the exhibition taking far longer than the couple of minutes it took this year. While the larger companies like Siemens still had a sizeable stand, other businesses on the UKRO side had noticeably smaller footprints.

So, is the integration of the two events the cause of this disappointment? It’s difficult to be sure, but after speaking with those who invest their time and money on attending each year, their feedback suggests that maybe it is time for UKRC & UKRO to do a ‘Ross & Rachel’ and go on a break.

How did you find the show? I’d be interested in your feedback!

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