Blog about the top Digital Manufacturing employers 2019 inclusin MSC software, ANSYS, Granta Design, Autodesk

Top Digital Manufacturing employers in 2019

Ben Marum, Digital Manufacturing Account Manager at FMC Global Talent
Ben Marum, Digital Manufacturing Account Manager at FMC Global Talent

The manufacturing sector is currently the most innovative and futuristic technology environment… but who are the top Digital Manufacturing employers in 2019?

Engineering graduates are increasingly gravitating towards manufacturing thanks to its exciting and forward-thinking nature. Not to mention possible client portfolio’s which include the likes of Rolls Royce, Boeing, and McLaren.

Whether it’s advanced robotics, 3D printing or augmented reality. From concept to reality, the Digital Manufacturing sector is breaking new ground every single day.

Interested in exploring your career prospect this year? Here are your top Digital Manufacturing employers in 2019.

Dassault Systèmes

Having recently acquired IQMS, an ERP software provider, Dassault Systèmes are keen to “sharpen and broaden the capabilities of its PLM platform, 3DEXPERIENCE” to the SME manufacturing market.

Seeking a variety of commercially and technically focused talent, Dassault will continue operating as one of the largest Digital Manufacturing employers in 2019.

Dassault Systèmes are an attractive proposition thanks to their products and culture of innovation not to mention industry leading basic salaries, bonuses and job security.

Although their brand is recognised globally, their recent failings on the iPLM project means many professionals are becoming increasingly concerned about Dassault Systèmes’ ability to deliver on large projects.

Altair Engineering

Altair recently announced the onboarding of new sales and marketing executives to strengthen global sales and meet corporate growth targets, making them a hotbed of leading talent for 2019.

Operating within a maturing Digital Manufacturing market, Altair have successfully acquired several technology and software organisations making them a leader in their field and a solid pick on the current stock market.

Altair have one of the strongest brands and products offerings in Digital Manufacturing, propelling its market status as being a top employer in 2019.

Siemens PLM

Siemens PLM recently announced the acquisition of Lightwork Design, a 3D rendering software development and VR provider to strengthen the accuracy of its Digital Twin offering.

They continue to increase their headcount to meet the increasing number of manufacturers who are adopting and investing in digital transformation technology.

Offering long-term job stability, an innovative working environment and opportunity to work with leading digital transformation solutions means Siemens continue to be one of the most attractive Digital Manufacturing employers.

FMC’s complete list

Our complete list contains a star-studded line-up with industry leading consultancies, software and technology providers.

  1. Dassault Systèmes
  2. Altair Engineering
  3. Siemens PLM
  4. ANSYS
  5. MSC Software
  6. Granta Design
  7. Cimpa PLM
  8. Accenture
  9. PTC
  10. Autodesk

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