Blog outlining 6 cities which possess leading industrial IoT talent including Oslo, San Francisco, Boston, Dubai, Berlin and Montreal

Top 5 cities for recruiting industrial IoT talent 2019

William Adamthwaite, Account Manager at FMC Smart Industry

Industrial IoT talent continues to break new ground every day in oil & gas, chemical and other industrial markets, and is being driven by these top 5 cities.

One of the most exciting new challenges for industrial IoT providers is determining the best location to expand operations and grow the team.

Should companies consider basing themselves closer to universities with outstanding academic programs in industrial IoT to support recruitment? Are companies naturally based near leading universities as they’re founded by the students who study there?

Or, should they consider moving to locations whereby the adoption of industrial IoT is high and offers long-term business development opportunities?

Having worked with many industrial IoT providers already this year, here are the top 5 cities currently recruiting industrial IoT talent in 2019:

Fantastic Five


The Nordic region is spoilt for choice when it comes to IoT innovation, but I’ve chosen Oslo as Norway continues its digital transformation charge with the likes of Cognite.

San Francisco

San Francisco and Silicon Valley has defined innovation for many years, so it’s no surprise that it’s a hotbed for industrial IoT talent. Where many SMEs start and fail, Silicon Valley has churned out some big hitters in the industrial IoT space such as Vantiq, Falkonry and Sight Machine.


With universities such as Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Massachusetts, Boston continuously produces tomorrow’s technology leaders for North America and has become a core on innovation on the east coast. The likes of MachineMetrics and Tulip are both reaping the rewards of being situated close to universities.


Home to the exciting Relayr, industrial IoT is quickly becoming the talk of the city. It’s also worth mentioning Munich as another hotbed for talent as digital transformation continues to sweep through Germany.


Overall, Canada has grasped the industrial IoT and once again it was difficult to pick a standout city for talent. Toronto is certainly up there, but Montreal are really pushing boundaries and generating many news start-ups and SMEs such as Mnubo who were recently acquired by Aspen Technology.

My 6th choice – Dubai

A 6th?! Dubai’s strategy to turn into a “Smart Dubai” is in full flight and is of course a major growth area for industrial IoT providers who specialise in oil & gas. I expect them to break into my top 5 in 2020!

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