What are premium MRI machines and how do they differ from others on the market?

This is not just an MRI machine, this is a premium MRI machine

Lauren Applewhite, Recruiter at FMC Global Talent
Lauren Applewhite, Recruiter at FMC Global Talent

You’re probably familiar with supermarkets and their ‘posh’, extra-special lines. The lines that have got something a little bit extra. Yes, they’re a little more expensive, but they’re prices you’re willing to pay for that decadent chocolate cake…

You’d probably be surprised that a similar type of thing exists within the world of medical diagnostics. Premium MRI machines are the next level in diagnostic imaging, with stronger imaging capabilities that can look deeper into the body. 

Differences between Tesla

We’re not talking about fancy electric cars here (although we do talk about them here!). Instead, we’re talking about the unit of measurement used to describe the strength of the magnet used in an MRI machine.

The strength of the magnet affects the quality of the images produced by the machines, with – for example – 3T options being stronger and clearer than 1.5T alternatives. Which strength is used on which person is affected by a multitude of factors, including body composition, previous surgeries, or how deep in the body an injury is.

  • A higher tesla produces a stronger signal and, as such, receives a stronger signal from the tissue in the body
  • Increased contrast detection produces a higher resolution image – in some circumstances this can mean that areas in the body that would not show up on a lower tesla scan will on a higher one
  • People who have implants, joint replacements or foreign objects in their body are usually scanned with a lower tesla as the stronger magnetic field of a higher-field MRI machine can cause image distortions around these areas
  • Certain body parts, such as the breasts and GI tracts are better suited to lower-field scanners due to water and fat displacement

Premium MRIs and recruitment

All of the big names in the diagnostics market have their own offerings in terms of premium MRI machines, including Siemens and their Magnetom range and Canon’s Vantage Orian and Galan models.

These are pieces of high-value capital equipment and need top sales talent to sell them into both NHS and private healthcare environments. Teams of service and maintenance engineers also need to be ready to provide top-level servicing of the products once they’re in place.

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