A blog comprising 10 companies behind the rise of Digital Construction in the Nordic regions

The rise of Digital Construction in the Nordics

Gareth Back, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent
Gareth Back, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent

If you’re someone who’s based in the Nordics who’s driving the digital transformation of the construction sector, you’re treated to many incredible prospect organisations to advance your sales, technical or leadership career.

Below is an overview of the leading innovators, best companies to work for and genuinely disruptive software providers who have put the Nordic region on the map for leading the digital transformation charge!


A spin-off from Symetri, BIMEYE was formed in 2004 as a “special task force” to help introduce a new BIM approach to the AEC market in the Nordics. This was originally challenged by Autodesk, who were seeking a skilled partner in the Nordics to implement Revit. Since further investment in 2014, BIMEYE are now an independent provider of BIM data management solutions.


MagiCAD have thrived from the Nordic’s BIM legislations, developing solutions which have accelerated the adoption of BIM and digital transformation across architecture, engineering & construction. Keep an eye out for their new digital tool, Gsite, which has the makings to compete with some of Digital Construction’s biggest providers!


Congrid was ranked as one of the fastest growing technology companies in Finland, with revenue growth of 1,175%, and have begun the process of internationalization. What’s more impressive is their rise has been solely financed by their own turnover, retaining their uniqueness whilst driving product and service quality.


When the Nemetschek Group acquired dRofus, they invested in a genuinely unique and fast-growing data management and BIM tool. Fast forward just over 3 years and dRofus have gone from strength to strength, continuing to advance their solutions whilst improving their integration and relationship with other Nemetschek solutions.

Buildpoint Oy

Buildpoint are part of the exciting Point Group, which roots date back to 1989. They believe in driving quality through their services and expertise, providing market leading training and consulting on behalf of the best Digital Construction companies in Finland.


Gbuilder are yet another huge success story coming out of Finland. Founder Harry Majala’s “no vacation” push is starting to pay dividends, with almost 20 employees delivering their BIM based collaboration software for the Real Estate industry. We think it’s only a matter of time before we see their software on an international scale!


Dalux have been driving digitalisation for over 13 years now with enormous success and now cater for over 100,000 users. Their ever growing digital toolbox is being utilized by some of the world’s leading contractors in over 115 countries. Impressively, they too have no external investors and have grown organically.


CheckProof have developed an innovative checklist and task system for a wide range of industries. Founded by childhood friends, they recognised the need to develop a collaborative way of managing responsibilities on a recurring basis. They live by keeping things simple, supporting digital transformation through enabling users to efficiently handle processes and routines.


BuildSafe have developed a mobile tool for inspections, to-do lists, incident reporting and observations and have already landed global contractors such as Skanska. The have realised the potential for technology and its contribution towards site safety by developing a popular, easy to use cloud-based platform which is going down a storm.


Developed in Malmö, Sweden, and used worldwide, Fieldly is made up of engineers, developers, marketers and account managers that all share an invested interest in digitalising the construction sector. They’ve recently announced a string of new partnerships and collaborations to accelerate their growth and products!

FMC Digital Construction

FMC Digital Construction is a team of individuals who are delivering the key sales, technical and leadership talent for digital transformation companies around the world.  

We have an excellent track record of introducing the most forward-thinking industry 4.0 professionals with companies like the above, who are looking to drive changes and revolutionise the traditional industrial sectors.

If you’re interested in learning more about the opportunities we’re currently working on or would like to find out how FMC can support your recruitment needs in 2020, contact me at gareth.back@fmctalent.com or call me on +44 (0) 1522 812 462.