Who should you work for?

The big four in medical imaging & diagnostics – who to work for?

Billy Williams, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.
Billy Williams, Account Manager at FMC Meditech.

I spend my time speaking to people in the medical diagnostics space, and I ask all of them where they’d like to work.

Now, before my years at FMC I recruited in other markets, and most of the times I asked people this question I got a more varied response. Obviously a lot of people are interested in working for the big brands, but this was usually balanced with those individuals who wanted to work for a start-up, an SME or a up and coming brand.

In my years in Medical Diagnostics though, I would say 96.5% of the people I speak to want to work in one of the big four. A challenge that makes the market one of the most interesting to operate in from a recruitment perspective.

So who are the big four? 


If ever there was a talk of the town at the moment in the medical diagnostics world… then Canon is it!

These guys are growing, rapidly, and they are in the news a lot. They currently own the majority of the market share in CT and their staff attrition is excellent. Add to that the acquisition of Toshiba Medical Systems, and they are definitely one to watch. Through the ability to join the technologies from the two organisations, leveraging the capabilities of both Canon and Toshiba, the Canon Group will be able to go global with new products and innovations.

This amoungst other things, make them one of the most attractive to work for!


Their new cloud system is expected to aid in connecting over 500,000 GE imaging machines, their diagnostics imaging and clinical systems account for 70% of the GR Healthcare revenue, and they have massive plans for expansion.

For not only these reasons, GE are one of the most attractive organisations to work for in the market. They offer a top notch leadership program, they have been through a massive cultural shift (for the better by the sounds of it) and people want to work for them because of the continued innovation into the cloud and app world.


They’re heavily focused on increasing shares and profitability in the global medical imaging devices market. They’re developing some awesome products in general imaging, to support their already growing product portfolio in oncology and radiology.

Most recently their Philips IQon Spectral CT system exhibited enhanced diagnosis in up to 70% of cases compared to traditional imaging methods. They’ve also just reported a 25% uplift in profits!

The significance of the Philips recruitment strategy revolves around not just the significant impact their products make but also in making a difference in peoples lives, and this messaging certainly works.

Siemens Healthineers 

Their diagnostics imaging business accounted for the largest share in their overall profit in 2017, and they have continued to be one of the most attractive employers for many years in the medical imaging space.

They’re focused heavily on research and development to integrate their technologies further. They currently employ over 300,000 people and a key selling point of their employment strategy is that everyone has a voice in the development of innovations and products.

What do you think?

Who do you rate as the top employer in the market? If you’d like to have a discreet chat about this and potentially moving employment, get in touch with me billy.williams@fmctalent.com 

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