Recruiters – “are you talkin’ to me!?”

Sam Frazher, Marketing Assistant, FMC Global Talent
Sam Frazher, Marketing Assistant, FMC Global Talent

For many, talking to recruiters is only one step better than picking the phone up to a PPI call! The general assumption of most people is that recruiters don’t understand their market and have very little interest in anything other than a quick buck. In the majority of cases this assertion is absolutely right.

As a result they disengage in the conversation and treat all recruiters the same. However much the majority may deserve your disdain, not all recruiters are equal. There are some highly capable, professional and well connected individuals out there that can provide you with access to hidden career opportunities that could be perfect for you.

What to look for in a recruiter that is worth your time:

1. It’s all about you. If when you answer the phone the recruiter launches into some diatribe about the opportunity they are working on without drawing breath, the alarm bells should start ringing. Although citing the role is understandable the main focus should be in gaining an understanding of your current situation and what you are looking for in your next career move.
2. Not a talking job description. Evaluating a role based on a job description is like buying a car based on the user manual. Too many recruiters just read out the highlights from the job description. Look for recruiters that truly understand the characteristics of the role and appreciate why it represents a valid opportunity for you personally.
3. In control. The ‘wing it and fling it’ recruiter should be avoided at all costs. It’s not just about getting their hands on your CV and throwing it around the market. Professional recruiters should be working on specific assignments and should be able to provide complete clarity of the recruitment process and the stakeholders involved.

Once you have identified a recruiter that you feel confident in, you must remember that communication is a two way street. Treating the right recruiter with respect and openness is key to the business relationship working.

How to approach the right recruiter:

1. Be honest. Even if you are happy in your current role, you never know when you will need help from a well-connected recruiter. Ensure that you play a straight bat so that the relationship starts on the right foot. Even little white lies about your level of responsibility or achievements could bite you on the backside later in the process. Also if you are involved in another process make sure everyone is on the same page.
2. Provide timely feedback. Throughout the process the recruiter will support you in managing the employer. This can be a delicate balancing act. To help the process along ensure that you are available at agreed times and are quick to provide your view on interviews etc.
3. Trust. You may have had numerous bad experiences with recruiters in the past, however trust is central to a successful relationship. The recruiter may not have the same technical knowledge as you, but a good one will be expert in the employment market. Put your trust in their hands and take on board their advice, it could be the difference between securing your ideal job and not.

The best recruiters know that the key to progressing business relationships is effective communication. At FMC Global Talent all of our recruiters have a level of expertise in their field. This means that they provide a quality specialist service and have the knowledge to understand exactly what is required to get the best result.

In 2015, 80% of our candidates rated us 5 stars for service, and 17% rated us 4!

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