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Surviving after university – engineering graduates 2019

Sabrina Anthoney, Recruiter at FMC Global Talent
Sabrina Anthoney, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent

Graduating with an engineering related degree this summer? Wondering what life is like after pulling all-nighters, eating copious amounts of takeaway and waiting that extra five minutes until happy hour to buy your round at the students’ union?

A career in technology and software isn’t a career many graduates will be considering this summer but, for those who have done their research, some will know that becoming a true industry expert lies within the digital transformation sector.

Traditional industrial markets are currently undergoing a fourth industrial revolution, including the manufacturing sector where automation, PLM, CAD, simulation and additive manufacturing software is increasingly being integrated on projects around the world.

For the automotive, aerospace and advanced manufacturing engineering markets, the process of digitalisation allows engineering around the world to make the impossible possible.

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Wave goodbye to happy hour

Saving money could quickly become a thing of the past. Leading digital transformation companies offer some of the most lucrative contracts across any industry sector, not to mention engineering!

This includes the likes of sales positions where basic salaries can soar up to £35,000 with uncapped bonuses which means earning potential is limitless for first-time graduates (this depends on how hard you work, of course)!

If a commercial role doesn’t quite hit the mark, there are many different technical vacancies you can explore. This commonly includes the Application Engineer role whereby you become a software expert, educating clients on how to utilise solutions on various types of projects around the world.

Whilst bonuses are understandably more limited than sales positions, after one year at some Digital Manufacturing companies graduates have earned basic salary of up to £43,000!

There’s more to life than student discount

Whilst there are many perks to student life, employer benefits in the Digital Manufacturing sector are also quite attractive. Working in a tech company means you’ll get your hands on bleeding-edge concepts including 3D Printers, design software and world leading robotics.

For many commercial and client facing positions, many graduates can expect to receive some form of travel benefit including a company car or car allowance. In addition, some graduate positions offer the opportunity to travel the world and support a global client base.

Your time in education is unlikely to end after your dissertation deadline (this is a good thing, trust me)! Many of today’s Digital Manufacturing organisations offer training, certifications and further education surrounding software, technology and other industry-based subjects so you can continue progressing.

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Okay, so you can’t skip work like your 9am lectures, but you can become an expert in your chosen industry and software whilst contributing towards a global shift towards digitalisation (and earn some pretty good money along the way)!

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