Surgical Territory Sales… what could you earn and who should you work for?

Charlotte Ashton, Senior Recruiter of Meditech at FMC Global Talent.
Charlotte Ashton, Account Manager of Meditech at FMC Global Talent.

I get asked all the time about average earnings for territory sales managers. So I thought I’d do a quick overview of what you can expect to earn in surgical sales and who pays the best, based on my experience.

Where pays best in surgical sales?

On the whole, for standard territory sales the pay throughout the country roughly sits between £40,000 to £50,000 as a basic salary. You can expect to be paid slightly more in London and the South East than other regions, however this is not a dramatic increase.

• East Midlands –  £45k salary + £15k bonus
• East of England –  £45k salary + £15k bonus
• London £50k –  salary + £20k bonus
• North East – £45k salary + £15k bonus
• North West –  £45k salary + £15k bonus
• Scotland – £45k salary + £15k bonus
• South East – £50k salary + £20k bonus
• South West – £45k salary + £15k bonus
• Wales – £45k salary + £15k bonus
• West Midlands – £45k salary + £15k bonus
• Yorkshire & Humberside – £45k salary + £15k bonus

Who pays best in surgical sales?

Whether it’s big bonuses or big basic salaries, these are the companies that pay their surgical sales talent the best:

• Intuitive Surgical
• Globus Medical
• St Jude
• NuVasive
• Olympus
• Medtronic
• Ethicon
• Stryker
• Johnson & Johnson
• Karl Storz
• Boston Scientific
• Baxter

The general rule is that the more complex the product you sell is, the higher your basic is likely to be. A salesperson who sells surgical scissors are likely to have a lower basic salary than a salesperson who sells surgical robots, for example.

Wanting to discuss surgical sales salaries?

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