FMC Global Talent sorts the wheat from the chaff when it comes to selecting software sales talent.

Software sales talent – the wheat from the chaff

Demand for sales talent in 2015 has been fierce with FMC Global Talent experiencing a threefold increase in enquires from its client base. An interesting dynamic that has been experienced both by our business and our clients’ is that the number of applications has been increasing… a real surprise given the levels of demand.

Sounds like good news, right!?

James Watson, a Director FMC Global Talent and head of the software recruitment team.
James Watson, a Director FMC Global Talent and head of the software recruitment team.

Unfortunately greater volume does not mean greater quality; quite the opposite. With increased social media usage and a large number of mediocre candidates seeking to transfer to the software market, cutting the ‘wheat from the chaff’ is getting harder. Software businesses are only too aware of the importance of quality in front-end business development roles. The success or failure of corporate objectives often starts and finishes with the sales function. With our strong network of sales leaders throughout the industry we are acutely aware of the performance pressures placed on these teams. To win the war for talent our clients are having to ensure not only access to the very best but also be well-positioned to attract them.

Remuneration will always be a key influencer in attracting sales talent but it is by no means the only factor. Taking the right message to market is critical and must be carefully planned before any recruitment activity is undertaken. This should include;

  1. The Employee Value Proposition is the perceived strength of the culture and working environment and is a major influencer on many. Forward thinking environments that support high performance while offering the flexibility to achieve a degree of work life balance can be high on the agenda for many.
  2. Future Career Progression is often overlooked by hiring leaders in the selection process but it is an essential component when attracting talent. Typically the most successful employees achieve promotions/progression every two to three years and they will need to be confident that the organisation they are joining can match their ambition.
  3. The Brand Proposition is central to the vast majority of sales professionals. They are key for success and they are looking for a brand that is well positioned in the market that will not act as a barrier to closing the deal. Even businesses with a strong brand need to ensure they evidence this within the recruitment process.

The challenge of identifying and attracting the world’s leading sales talent has never been more competitive. FMC Global Talent has been partnering with leading software firms for the last 20 years and has built an extensive network and an approach that works time and again.

If you are interested in finding out how to win the war for talent and achieve greater competitive advantage, drop us a line…..