Servitisation - Product Development

Ep.1 – Servitisation… not just a product development issue

Chris Mapp, Director at FMC Global Talent.
Chris Mapp, Director at FMC Global Talent.

The buzz word around many a meeting room in the manufacturing sector is servitisation. While some may be growing weary of the term, the transformation of the industry is undeniable. To gain competitive advantage or even protect market share capital equipment manufacturers are being forced to explore the servitisation of typically product orientated lines. The two worlds are merging into a customer orientated experience that focusses on outcome and continuity. This is all very exciting and continues the march of the technical revolution.

Technology vs Talent Demand – A race against time!

While businesses are able to make technological advancements of their products an issue is emerging within the talent pools associated with these organisations. Technological advancement is occurring at a pace far beyond that of the cultural and skills landscapes, and the efficiency available to service functions due to the advancements in product technology is clearly beneficial to both OEMs and end-users.

However industry is also being affected in the following ways:

  • The skills and competencies of the service function are rapidly moving from specialist to general.
  • Service staff are now required to perform a wider range of activities on each visit.
  • The technical skills required are leaving many service functions scrabbling around to upskill the workforce, to varying degrees of success.

Those organisations that have yet to tackle the skills base of their service function could find themselves exposed.

How should companies adapt?

Many organisations are identifying the skills gap that is emerging. The timescales involved mean that the competition to hire technically competent service professionals is fierce. Companies are seeking to bolster the skills base and accelerate cultural change through acquiring (as well as developing) talent. Even though there is a rationalisation in many service teams, the demand is highest for the most technically competent. Companies are having to find new ways to attract the talent they so desperately need. What is becoming increasingly evident is that the service talent want reassurance that their prospective employer is on top of the servitisation agenda and can offer them job security and the opportunity to remain at the forefront of technological advancements.

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