The rise of DERMS & its impact on Digital Plant sales talent

William Adamthwaite, Account Manager – Smart Industry at FMC Global Talent.

Distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS) is the latest software to bubble up from the Industry 4.0 market, forming a new demand for software sales professionals.

As people and as businesses, we are under pressure to live more sustainably, to reduce our carbon footprint and to play our part in the “green recovery”.

DERMS technology is beginning to gain momentum as companies recognise the importance to optimise energy from an ever-growing number of sources.

We look at five noisy businesses making a mark with their DERMS solutions, their unique selling points (USP) and why they are catching the eye of software sales talent below.

Kiwi Power

Barely 10 years old, Kiwi Power’s impressive rise means they are frequently a name referenced by my contacts in the UK and North America due to their unique value proposition.

USP – Kiwi Power’s distinctive distributed energy platform has boosted their status in the market thanks to their focus on serving sustainable energy needs combined with delivering expertise from their talented team of engineers.


With a brilliant commercial team and a global client portfolio of well renowned brands, mPrest have the right foundations to really expand and deliver in the coming months, a good sign for any sales professional looking to move to an exciting business who place innovation at the forefront of their strategy.

USP – With an outstanding track record of success in the defense and security sectors, mPrest have positioned themselves as a leader in the Utility and Smart Grid sector.


Enbala have a strong presence across North America and are now focusing their efforts on Europe. With reliability and sustainability at their core, they are transforming the way we manage our energy.

Having recently been acquired by Generac Power Systems, I am sure Enbala will now enjoy another period of growth which is a huge step forward for their DER platform.

USP – Enbala deliver a specialised and holistic solution distributed energy resource. What differentiates Enbala is their real-time communications infrastructure which enables users to monitor, control, coordinate and manage energy assets through a reliable controlled process.


AutoGrid are one of the more established technology providers in the smart energy space. Their DERMS software is incorporated into the AutoGrid Flex™ product which, according to Navigant, is the leading integrated flexibility management suite for the energy industry.

USP – The technical experts within AutoGrid have created the platform to harness data to flex with the supply and demand of energy meaning that they can deliver high value solutions to their clients.


Recognised as a software pioneer and the benchmark in energy management solutions, for more than 20 years OATI have simplified, streamlined, and empowered the operational tasks required in today’s energy commerce and Smart Grid sectors.

USP – As they look to focus on their smart grid solutions (DERM and EV charging network management), they are ensuring they keep with their customer centric ethos.

The OATI sales team are driven by solving customer problems and deliver a consultative, value-led sales methodology which is the secret to their impressive growth. 

The impact on sales talent

Without a doubt, the need for DERMS is on the rise and the need for practical, scalable, reliable solutions is crucial.

Their activity in the talent market and onboarding talented, advanced, and adaptive sales professionals could be the key to getting ahead of the curve.

Although nice, companies are no longer seeking commercial talent based on the size of their network. Attitude, track record and understanding the value customers are seeking is at the very top of an employer’s wish list.

The increases in demand and ever-evolving market of Digital Plant means success in sales stems from being entrepreneurial, innovative, and passionate about making a difference for the customer and fundamentally the way energy is consumed. That is what employers are truly seeking in their next hire!

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