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Remunerating Digital Manufacturing sales talent in 2018

Ben Marum, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent
Ben Marum, Account Manager at FMC Global Talent

The Digital Manufacturing environment houses some of the fastest growing technologies across the Smart Industry. From automotive design software to simulating a satellite prototype for outer space, the global manufacturing market is the most successful Smart Industry sector to weather digital transformation over the past 10 years.

Earlier this year, we wrote about 3 regions we feel are leading the Smart Industry (you can read the blog by following the link here). As a result, we’ve been surveying technology, software providers and consultancies in two of these areas to gain an insight into remuneration packages for sales professionals. Are you selling a manufacturing software solution? You’ll want to download our full report outlining salary trends for FREE here.

Basic salaries

By output, the UK is the eighth largest manufacturer in the world and is home to fast growing, innovative software providers such as Granta Design as well as industry leaders such as Rolls Royce. Thanks to a strong market position, basic salaries for mid-level sales professionals scale up to £70,000 with an average of £48,000.

Headquartered by world leading software providers such as Siemens and Dassault Systèmes, Europe is graced with some of the biggest names in Digital Manufacturing. Its therefore no surprise to see basic salaries ranging up to €84,000 for mid-level sales professional, with an average of €57,000 across the region.

Competing for top spot, the USA is a Digital Manufacturing giant. Ansys, PTC and Autodesk conduct most of their global business in the USA and set the pace when it comes to innovation. Average basic salaries for mid-level sales professionals across the region can range up to $140,000, with an average of around $99,000.

Converted to GBP, the average basic salary for Digital Manufacturing in the USA, Europe and UK is a £58,854. Not bad, but how does this fair against bonus schemes?

Basic vs bonus

Across each region, our research suggests that remuneration schemes where bonuses outweigh basic salaries are the least popular across the Digital Manufacturing industry. In fact, only 8% of our participants implement bonus focused remuneration packages (60/40 in favor of bonus) in the USA, UK and Europe.

Alternatively, Digital Manufacturing companies tend to reward their sales teams with higher basic salaries, equal or greater to their bonus incentives.

Is the industry mostly account management focused? Or are sales professionals in Digital Manufacturing less motivated by financial rewards? You can download our report here to find out the causes of attrition and motivators to join Digital Manufacturing organisations here.

FMC Digital Manufacturing

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