Q&A: What did we think of UKIO 2022?

Q&A: What did we think of UKIO 2022?

I caught up with Account Manager, Adam Leeder, and Business Development Executive, Jack Adams, to hear their thoughts after attending UKIO!

Lucy Hopwood, Specialist Marketer at FMC Global Talent

Following a few years of being unable to attend events, FMC Meditech are finally back on the road and is taking full advantage of being able to meet with clients and candidates in person!

Account Manager, Adam Leeder, and Business Development Executive, Jack Adams, headed to Liverpool last week to attend The United Kingdom Imaging & Oncology Congress (UKIO); I caught up with them to get their opinion on the event.

Adam Leeder
Adam Leeder, 360 Account Manager at FMC Meditech
Jack Adams
Jack Adams, Business Development Executive at FMC Meditech

Q. What did you think of the event?

Jack: Overall, we found it really valuable – there was lots of networking opportunities and new tech on display, making it well worth the trip! Forming strong partnerships with both candidates and clients, where we can demonstrate our teams’ expert knowledge in the worlds we recruit in, is really important to us.

Q. Did you notice any market trends

Adam: We work in a really buoyant market! It’s definitely still benefitting from a post-pandemic boom. Interestingly, the floor had a large contingent of AI and CloudBased workflow businesses, who are looking to make waves in a market that is calling out for new technology to help improve the increase in waiting times and time taken for patient diagnosis. It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on this tech over the next few months!

Jack: As companies are beginning to start up projects that were previously on hold due to the pandemic, there’s a need for new talent across the space. I took note that a lot of companies are keen to take on young talent at a low level and nurture their growth internally. Not only do they believe this is the best way to retain strong talent in the long run, but a few mentioned how costly it can be to bring in more experienced candidates because of how competitive the market is at the moment, something we’re also noticing.

Q. What about recruitment trends?

Adam: One of the main trends I discussed with multiple companies was the distinct nationwide lack of sonographers, which has resulted in a gap in both Sales and Applications Specialists.

Jack: Off the back of this, a lot of companies are seeing an increase in salary demands from candidates due to the competitiveness of the market, which can be a particular issue for smaller companies. Finding methods of competing against the bigger names in the space is important due to this limited talent pool – employer branding plays a huge part in attracting the best talent as well as offering a well-rounded package.

Q. What did you enjoy most about the event?

Jack: My favourite part of the event was definitely being able to meet with clients in person for the first time. It was also great to introduce myself and my team to other key players in the industry who might be interested in partnering with FMC in the future.

Getting to chat face to face meant we could get more from the meeting than we would from a phone or video call – they gave a much more personable approach.

Adam: I too enjoyed speaking with a number of clients I’d not yet had the chance to meet with face to face, including MIS Healthcare, FujiFilm and MedRay – all big names in the space. A real highlight was hearing from Martin Rimmer, Clinical Director at Everlight Radiology, about his career in the ever-growing teleradiology market.

Jack: I also thought the inclusivity of the event was impressive as there was a huge variation in the size of companies exhibiting. From the likes of GE Healthcare to It’s Interventional – it’s hugely beneficial to use to have the opportunity to form partnerships with companies across the entire space, from huge, established companies to brand-new start-ups.

Q. What do you think the future look like in the space?

Adam: Indications show that the market continues to be busy, with no signs of slowing down and lots of growth expected for companies. Tech-wise, there is an obvious shift towards AI and workflow technology to improve the patient experience. It’s certainly an exciting market to be a part of!

­How did you find the show? We’d be interested to hear your feedback!

If you’re in the diagnostics or medical imaging spaces and are looking to grow your team this year, or want to discuss trends in the market, get in touch with FMC Meditech on adam.leeder@fmctalent.com or jack.adams@fmctalent.com.