How to use ‘pesky recruiters’ to your advantage in medical device sales

Frankie Warder, recruiter at FMC Global Talent.
Frankie Warder, Senior Meditech Recruiter at FMC Meditech

Some recruiters are pesky. True story. We hear about them all the time through alleged stories and it is easy to tar them all with the same brush… because why wouldn’t we? Most people have had some sort of poor experience with a recruiter in medical device sales where candidates are in demand.

Unfortunately, there are side effects of this tarring:

• We avoid using recruiters even though they could essentially help us
• We fail to spot a good recruiter that could help progress our career further
• We get a good recruiter and don’t use them to our advantage!

My recruiter acronym

So, what should a good recruiter do?

R esearch for candidates…
E nsure their skill-sets match requirements…
C andidate relationship management…
R epresent the role and company…
U nderstand the candidate needs and motivations…
 I nterview preparation at EVERY stage…
T ime and due care given to each individual candidate…
E xplain positive and negative feedback…
R emain in contact and maintain recruitment and candidate relationship

If your recruiter isn’t doing all this… you might be right to avoid them or find another!

How to make the most of your recruitment agency

Once you’ve got a good recruiter, how can you make the most of them?

  1. Use them to understand the big brands in medical devices who are hiring in sales
  2. Use them to understand salary expectations and where you stand in the market
  3. See how your CV compares to your peers
  4. Meet and speak to your recruiter regularly to keep in touch with developments in the market
  5. Have transparency – don’t be coy about what you want out of job, it is your opportunity to say exactly what you want
  6. Work around your schedule – your recruiter will need to speak with you throughout the process so ensure they know your schedule and don’t disrupt your work time
  7. Understand what the client is expecting at interview and get prepared with the help of the recruiter
  8. Stay in touch – we might not have the right role for you now, but who knows what can happen

Building a strong relationship with a good recruiter will ultimately benefit your career in medical device sales, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and work with the biggest brands in the market.

It all starts by accepting that some are pesky… but some are pretty damn good.