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‘New Year – New Me’… what a load of rubbish!

Gemma Sleight, Marketing Executive at FMC Global Talent, specialists recruitment and headhunting consultancy in Bristol and Lincoln.
Gemma Sleight, Marketing Manager at FMC Global Talent

Every year it’s the same, people professing to be a whole new them in the New Year. Whether it’s losing weight, tightening the purse strings or stopping a bad habit. It gets boring. The truth is, December is the perfect time to reflect and a great time to look at your career year. Was it one to remember or not a great vintage?

Firstly, and mostly importantly… did you enjoy your job this year?
Did it challenge you?
Did you stay motivated for at least 60% of the time?
Did you feel valued?
Did you wake up and not dread going in to work?

Secondly, have you progressed as you expected to?
Were there broken promises of promotion?
Did your salary review go down the pan?
Have you gained the internal PR you desired?
Have you learnt anything? We should never stop learning… if you do… life gets boring!

Lastly, do you still feel happy with the organisation?
Is it achieving stable growth?
Does the culture suit you?
Are they open and honest about the direction of the business?
Is the environment making your job easier or harder?

Do you feel happy with your answers to these questions? If you do… amazing! If you don’t, maybe it’s time for you to think about making some changes. Whether these are ways to influence your current situation or making a new career move.

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