Neck, shoulders, knees and roles

Frankie Warder, recruiter at FMC Global Talent.
Frankie Warder, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent.

Orthopaedics is, simply, a great market to work in!

There are a multitude of reasons why talent in the Meditech space want to have a career in this market, so I thought I’d showcase why orthopaedics is such a fantastic industry to work in…

There’s a multitude of specialisms

Orthopaedics is a dynamic and varied therapy area, ranging from knees to elbows to shoulders and basically everywhere in between! You’re spoiled for choice with what sector to work in due to the broad cross-section of specialisms. Interested in the spinal market? What about sports medicine? There’s plenty of options under the orthopaedics umbrella.

You’ll work with great product portfolios

A common theme within all of the specialisms is that the products are intricate, highly technical and work to improve the quality of life of patients.

Progression opportunities and transferable skills

From my experience recruiting in the surgical market, candidates are eager to utilise their skills and tenure within orthopaedics. Lots of candidates express that they’d like to work in the space – it’s a popular choice.

Once people are in the market they often don’t leave, instead choosing to progress and expand their skill set to different extremities and specialisms.

Large companies, fantastic reputations

Some of the major players in Meditech operate within orthopaedics. There’s a good mix of industry giants alongside smaller, more niche companies that offer competitive remuneration packages making this market rewarding both in terms of job satisfaction, and financially.

These companies often have fantastic reputations amongst surgeons and within the market as a whole.

How can I help you?

So you’re interested in a career in orthopaedics… what next?

I’m a specialist recruiter operating in the orthopaedics sales space, finding the best talent across the UK and Europe. Orthopaedics means a lot to me, and I can vouch for how these products improve people’s lives – my mum had a knee arthroplasty last year and now has resumed full time work, exercise and driving! The recovery process was amazing and really started my passion for learning about this industry and the talent within it.

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