Is using multiple recruiters better than using just one?

Are two recruiters better than one?

Iain McCracken, Managing Director of FMC Global Talent recruitment and headhunting specialists.
Iain McCracken, Managing Director of FMC Global Talent

Everything Miss Smith taught me was a lie!

I can remember with great fondness my Reception class teacher, all floral dresses and endless patience. I was always eager to exceed her expectations, especially in Maths. Well, it was never going to be English, that’s for sure.

I was able to grasp the concept that “if Billy has one apple and Mary has one apple, then together they had two apples.” Yep got it, even the purer form of 1 + 1 = 2, I was still there at the front with my hand raised.

Alas, I now realise after 15 years in recruitment that it was all a lie. The foundations that Miss Smith so diligently taught me just don’t hold up. One plus one actually equates to less than one, and this is a truth that so many clients fail to believe, I guess they hold a lot of stock in their Reception teachers too.

Identifying, accessing and attracting talent has been harder in 2015 than any point in history, especially within high skill environments. When faced with a recruitment challenge, many businesses give the role to as many recruitment agents that they can lay their hands on. The more the merrier, right?!

Unfortunately, recruitment agents, just like clients, are commercial enterprises and apply resource where they are most likely to get a return. If the recruitment agent is one of many it is simply not viable to do more than “have a look for a solution”. However if the client provides exclusivity the recruitment agent can apply resource safe in the knowledge that a commercial return is likely. So in truth one recruitment firm will achieve more than ten. Although counter intuitive, it is without question a fact.

At FMC Global Talent we have focussed on industry leading fill rates for the last 25 years and have become exclusive recruitment partners to some of the world’s leading brands. Not only do our clients now understand that less is more in recruitment resource but they are also experiencing the same level of commitment from FMC candidates which saves huge amounts of time for all involved.

I called Miss Smith (or Mrs Jackson as she now seems to insist on being called), she like so many clients seemed unconvinced!

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