2020 | Top companies that are driving the motorsports space

Ben Evans, Head of Business Development, FMC Auto Innovation at FMC Global Talent
Ben Evans, Head of Business Development, FMC Auto Innovation at FMC Global Talent

The world of competitive racing, whether electric or traditional, always represents the very top of automotive engineering and technology. Motorsports is home to some of the world’s most innovative companies.

Here are just a few of the biggest names in the business for 2020 based on conversations with candidates, their technologies and their reputations.

Formula 1

There are three teams that we get asked about most regularly when it comes to F1. They all represent not only the peak of F1 engineering but also the most popular choices for active candidates in the market!

Mercedes AMG Petronas

Mercedes have a long, successful history in F1, from winning their first race at the 1954 French Grand Prix to defending their title at the 2019 F1 World Championship. The engineering that goes into their cars often represents over a years’ work to keep their vehicles at the pinnacle of innovation. This is hugely attractive to engineering talent who naturally want to be working with the best of the best.

Mercedes have created a working culture where people feel ‘free to innovate’ amongst a group of like-minded, driven people. Plus, they’re renowned for paying exceptionally well.


Like Mercedes, Ferrari are an iconic name in the F1 world and are a company that could attract candidates on brand legacy alone. But that doesn’t mean they rest on their laurels! Launching their 2020 car in a matter of weeks, there is much excitement around what their newest vehicle will have to offer. They have also signed up one of the hottest prospects as a driver into a long-term contract with them, Leclerc. As the sport enters a new era this shows their commitment to having top driving talent with them on the journey.

The work at Ferrari has been described as ‘thrilling’. Employees love working with their cutting-edge motorsports technologies and the atmosphere has been said to make you feel like you’re ‘part of something special’. This is no real surprise considering Ferrari has been named as the ‘world’s strongest brand’ for the second year running.

Red Bull Racing

After coming into existence in 2004 as a challenger for Grand Prix and World Championship titles, Red Bull have always been at the forefront of F1 performance and technology. Powered by an ever-strengthening relationship with Honda – who supply their engines – they are set on having a better season than ever before. This is also helped by having renewed Verstappen’s contract until the end of the 2023 season!

Red Bull once said that they wanted to ‘make F1 fun’, and it seems they’ve got this right when it comes to their employees. Regularly praised for having a great company culture and fantastic employee perks, working for Red Bull is a popular choice. From conversations with hiring leaders other teams also see few applications from Red Bull for their live requirements, indicating that they are able to retain as well as recruit top talent.

All three are competitive teams in the championship and are incredibly closely matched meaning that this year the season has potential to be more exciting that ever before. In 2020 we are also set to enter a whole new era of regulations. With it this brings fundamental changes to the engineering of these vehicles. Projects like this are exciting for an engineer who wants to be working on the very pinnacle of motorsports technology and may pull active (or passive!) talent to any of these three organisations.

Formula E

Since 2014 there’s been a new era of motorsports, the pure electric Formula E. The Gen 2 represents some of the most advanced technology in the space. The pedigree of these companies will no doubt attract engineers working on electrified vehicles as well as showing just how prominent Formula E is becoming.

Mercedes Benz EQ

Mercedes recently opened a new chapter in their racing history by competing for the first time in Formula E races with their EQ Silver Arrow 01 with in-house developed powertrain, inverter, rear axle components and more. Taking a podium position by finishing in third place in both their debut and their second Grand Prix races, this new chapter got off to a ‘more impressive start than the team could have hoped for’  A brilliant start for Mercedes which will no doubt cement them into the Formula E history books.

Tag Heuer Porsche

Porsche’s entry into Formula E, in partnership with Tag Heuer, is the latest step in their motorsports story. Combining two companies with strong motorsports heritage and the latest technology, the 99X Electric is their offering to the electrified world. Their engineers have developed an all new powertrain, cooling system and suspension system to sit on the Gen2 chassis as they get ready to go head to head with the other competitors.

Both Mercedes Benz and Porsche have amazing heritage in traditional motorsports and this represents their first foray into the completely electric racing series. Competing against the more established Formula E competitors, some of which have been regularly competed since Formula E’s conception in 2014, both companies are putting on a display of innovative engineering and new technologies. For engineers looking to work on electrified vehicles, they are both bound to be a popular choice due to their combination of motorsports heritage and commitment to working with the latest technologies.

An honourable mention…

Whilst not an motorsports team, it would be a doing them a disservice to not mention Xtrac on a list of top companies in the space. The manufacturer of transmissions systems is a well-known supplier for top race teams in the motorsports world and have undergone huge investment in recent years, including a £22m investment in 2018.

They are well known for nurturing new talent due to their excellent graduate scheme. Not only this but they really develop their staff with some of their most senior Chief Engineers having spent their entire careers, and grown up, with Xtrac.

FMC Auto Innovation

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