FMC Smart Industry team operating in Digital Plant, Digital Construction and Digital Manufacturing

Gin, gardening and cottage cheese – meet your SMART team here

James Skelton, Senior Recruiter at FMC Global Talent.
James Skelton, Specialist Marketer – Smart Industry at FMC Global Talent.

FMC Smart Industry

FMC Smart Industry are proud to work alongside some of the most exciting and innovative technology companies across the world in the construction, manufacturing and plant sectors. From global leading software powerhouses to disruptive SMEs, we’re focused on delivering the brightest sales and technical talent your industry has to offer!

We’re not engineers, but we are a team of individuals who love nothing more than hearing about the tech that’s rocking the boat! We’ve also got an eye for fantastic off market talent and apply a fresh, ethical and ‘think outside the box’ type of approach to our work.

Inspirational? Debatable. Hard-working? Absolutely.

We’re a SMART team

Joe Coleman – Joe has the deepest telephone voice in the office, and is part of the furniture here at FMC. When he’s not teaching the team to play golf or searching for free food, he’s meeting with the brilliant minds who are driving the Digital Construction sector.

Gareth Back – He might get weekly haircuts and spend most of his spare time playing Fortnite. But his character, positive energy and ambition means he’s already a success in the Digital Construction space.

Ben Marum – Ben knows his peonies from his tulips. Our very own Alan Titchmarsh. He knows the Digital Manufacturing market like the back of his trowel.

Sabrina Anthoney – Also known as Ribena after a vicious rumour when she was born, she’s already a recruiting mega star. Unfortunately for her, Ben now has one eye on an early retirement.

Justin Pritchard – A full-time armchair fan, he loves Liverpool FC. Fortunately, he’s won more awards than them in recent years and with 10 years under his belt, he’s a Digital Plant celebrity.

Tomasz Cis – A man of very few words, but what he does say is often gold dust. He takes his cottage cheese very seriously and is proving why you don’t need a university degree to be successful.

Tim Pont – The bionic man. Tim is a keen, but relatively underachieving, cyclist and very proud basset hound owner. Otherwise known as “back-end Tim”, you can always count on him to arrive late to a conversation. He’s begun his journey to conquering Digital Plant…

Kimberly Fletcher – Kim can often be found snacking on random fruit and veg, or just snacking in general really. She’s made her name in the EHS & Risk markets and knows one or two things about marketing!

Jess Worrell – Jess is the newbie of our team and has taken to recruitment like a duck to water. She is without doubt the loudest Smart Industry member and I can’t wait to hear her progress… and neither can the surrounding offices.

James Watson – Our Smart Industry skipper and headhunting guru. James is a keen runner, but can often be distracted by the bright lights of a pool table on the way home from the office.

Kimberly Wellen – Another Kim, another foody. James’ right arm and one of the longest serving members of the smart industry team. That probably explains her love for a G&T!

Will Adamthwaite – Will supports two fooball teams… enough said really. He’s a huge character around the office and has the best dad dance moves Bristol has to offer! He also loves his pooch – Alby.

Liz Woods – The true definition of a global recruiter. She is devoted to her rescue pup and is set to get married later this year! Congrats, Liz.

Ollie Grant – The ‘Bristolian Stallion’, Ollie spends his free time boxing and is also a knock-out recruiter in the Digital Plant space. He’s another Bristol City season ticket holder.

Freya Kew – Much like Tomasz, Freya is another wonderful success story form the FMC school leaver fast track scheme. She’s already proving a huge success in Bristol, securing multiple technical & commercial hires across EMEA.

James Skelton – FMC’s resident Adonis. From recruitment to marketing, James has made his mark wherever he has gone and carries with him a 1st Class Business degree which he’s not shy to tell you about. (Thanks for writing mine Joe… I think).

Let’s connect

Don’t let the above put you off however. We’re a great group of people working towards driving digitilisation by delivering the very best sales and technical talent the Smart Industry has to offer.

Whether you are seeking a new career opportunity, or interested in understanding how FMC can improve your recruitment process, please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1522 695 011 or visit our website at