New graduate? Have you considered a career in medical device sales?

Graduating this summer? Why medical device sales might be the career for you

Courtney Williams, FMC Meditech Recruiter
Courtney Williams, Recruiter at FMC Meditech

Your dissertation has been handed in and your final exams are finally over… you’ve nearly graduated and it’s time to look for your first graduate role. Now, looking for a post-university career is a task tricky enough to strike fear into the heart of any grad… but it doesn’t have to be!

If you’ve studied a degree in biomedical/biological science, sports science and even business studies, then you’re well set for embarking on a career in medical device sales. Here’s a few reasons why you should consider this as your first career move.

1.Goodbye student loan, hello monthly paycheck

You’ve been at university for the last few years, so by now you’re ready to find financial freedom rather than waiting for that next student loan to hit your bank account. The good news is that medical device sales pays competitive salaries with a typical range of £21,000 to £30,000 plus an average bonus of between £3,000 to £8,000 – this varies from company to company.

2. The other benefits are great too!

It’s not all about the money though, in your remuneration package you’re also likely to receive a company car or car allowance (often around £400 a month)after you pass your probation, private healthcare and a company phone/laptop for those all-important sales meetings.

3. You’ll be working with life changing products

It’s no exaggeration to say that when you work in medical device sales, you’ll be working with products that genuinely change – and save – peoples lives. Whether it’s surgical robots that make major surgeries safer, or wound care dressings that stop infections, these products have a real impact on the people they’re used on. And, by selling them, you’re a part of that.

Not only that, but a lot of the products you’ll work with will be cutting-edge, state of the art technologies.

I’m sold! How do I get a medical device sales role?

You’ve read the above and have decided a medical sales role is for you. Now how do you go about getting one in such a competitive market?

Shadowing or volunteer experience is key. In a market where lots of graduates are vying for the same sales roles, some experience in theatre/NHS/clinical environments can really make your CV stand out. If you want more advice on nailing your graduate CV, have a look at my other blog here.

Another piece of advice is to find your niche in the medical device sales world. Do your research to find out which disciplines really appeal to you. It’ll help you make more informed job applications and shows you’ve put thought into where you want your medical device sales career to go.

Want some help?

I’m always happy to speak to graduates looking to embark on their career. So if you’re looking for your first graduate role in medical device sales, get in touch with me on or +44 (0) 1522 812 448 for an exploratory chat.