Baltic Bristol, rainy Lincoln or lovely Lisbon? Where would you rather be?

Picture the scene. It’s Friday 19th January 2018, it’s wet, it’s miserable, it’s the last day of the working week. Sound familiar? Now picture somewhere you’d rather have been. Does somewhere sunny, cultural, abroad spring to mind? Well, that’s exactly where you would have found our Engineering Software team on Friday 19th January. Lisbon to be precise.

Why Lisbon?

After being the first team to hit their half year targets, the Engineering Software team won themselves a weekend away as a reward. After some deliberation, they binned off Barcelona and banished Budapest, to make Lisbon the destination of choice.

The importance of rewards 

Here at FMC, we believe that rewards trips such as this are hugely important. Who doesn’t like to be praised, after all! Rewarding employees creates a positive atmosphere, produces a motivated workforce who are eager to work hard, and establishes a close-knit team. The Engineering Software team spans both the Lincoln and Bristol offices, so with quite the distance between them (181 miles to be precise), this trip was a great opportunity to connect the team together as a whole. What better place to take them than somewhere over 1000 miles away from both offices. Since they got back from the trip it’s been reported that the team are working together better than ever, so we got something right!

So,  how was Lisbon?

The trip was a resounding success, and all those who were part of it thoroughly enjoyed it. Here are some fantastic comments from our wonderful staff:

  • James Gull ‘A marvelous couple of days which I thoroughly enjoyed’
  • Oliver Grant ‘Really enjoyed the time away and especially the sunshine’
  • Kimberly Wellen ‘I had a great weekend and was nice to get to know everyone better’
  • Liz Woods ‘Thank you does not seem enough after being part of this amazing weekend. I am so proud to be part of the fantastic FMC team’

These comments, for us, are a reward in themselves!

What’s the best reward you’ve ever received?

If you’re interested in working for FMC and potentially experiencing our rewards for yourself, send us your CV!