Say hello to FMC Auto Innovation, FMC's newest division

Introducing FMC Auto Innovation – Driving Innovation & Driving Talent

Chris Mapp, Director of FMC Auto Innovation

10 years ago, we helped build a team for an F1 client who were tasked with creating a new electric power system for the latest race car. Just 2 years ago that same electric power system turned up in my new company car.

It feels like a day can’t go by without some advancement or other in electrification, but most of it started in Motorsports.

It is widely known that organisations like Mercedes are in F1 for only two reasons – to demonstrate quality and to innovate. What starts off being designed for the latest race car, is likely end up in some form in consumer cars, just years later.

20 years later – driving innovation and driving talent!

We’ve been working in the Automotive & Motorsport sector for a long time. Around 20 years! We’ve supported many organisations in that time with building teams to combat the market’s increasingly speedy innovations and we continue to do this across Motorsport manufacturers, OEMs, Tier Suppliers and Capital Equipment Manufacturers.

Therefore, we thought it was about time to recognise these achievements and bring our experience to the forefront which is why we are introducing our newly branded division – FMC Auto Innovation.

Who is FMC Auto Innovation?

FMC Auto Innovation recognises our support of these organisations who are continually going through periods of change and innovation, and the skills that we provide them to make this a reality.

There are massive shifts happening across the Automotive market, whether in Motorsport organisations, OEMs, Tier Supplies or Capital Equipment providers, it is truly a changing face. FMC Auto Innovation are proud to be a part of that.

What can you expect?

Alongside our industry leading exclusive contingent and headhunting services, we aim to provide even greater, unprecedented access to the most advanced talent and insight the Automotive market has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit our new website