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The future’s bright, The future’s impatient

Gemma Sleight, Marketing Executive at FMC Global Talent, specialists recruitment and headhunting consultancy in Bristol and Lincoln.
Gemma Sleight, Marketing Manager at FMC Global Talent

I watched as my niece played with my iPhone the other day. She is only 2 years old. As she clicked on the YouTube icon, she unexpectedly threw herself on the floor in a fit of impatience. That Pepper Pig video couldn’t load quick enough.

We are all moulding our attraction strategies around the elusive generation Y, the ‘millennials’. But what about what comes after that? This experience got me thinking. The iGeneration will not only have grown up with the internet, they will grow up with it so readily at their fingertips that they want everything fast, with instant satisfaction.

What does this mean for the way we recruit?

How will I get the role of my dreams with the best business?
The iGeneration will want all the information upfront. Who pays the most, who offers the most progression and where will I be happiest? They want insight. When you book a hotel, do you read the hotel description on its own website and believe that it is a beautiful tranquil haven where lovely ladies in bikinis feed you grapes? Or do you check trip advisor first? I’d suggest most people believe the latter. Glassdoor is quickly becoming the go to place for candidates to check out employers, before they even consider going for a job with them. Why just take the advert at face value? The iGeneration are going to be even more inquisitive with the information they desire being accessible with a single click, the implication of a strong internal culture is a must for any business!

Why wait?
‘Surely employers know who I am? In an age where businesses can target me based on my search history and my social media activity.’ The iGeneration will expect employers to come to them. At whatever point of their career. The accessibility of personal information will allow advertisements to be targeted directly at relevant parties. Why sit around searching on job boards?

One of the biggest frustrations of this generation is waiting to hear back on job applications. They send their CV and it seems to enter the depths of the online job board never to be seen again. The iGeneration will want instant CV feedback, they will want online gamification testing to establish whether the role is for them, and they will want guiding through the process step by step. Never feeling left in limbo.

‘If I am right for the role, I should’ve heard by now. I’ll start looking at other options in the meantime in case.’ The bane of many a recruiter’s existence, not getting feedback over in time, resulting in candidate falling out the process.

Planning for the iGeneration
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