Hybrid Innovations – The Talent Impact

Ben Evans, Senior Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.
Ben Evans, Senior Automotive Account Manager at FMC Global Talent.

Like a shepherd leading its herd, when it comes to developing hybrid innovations or electric cars, we look to formula one as the shepherd of technological leadership. Make sense really when you consider the success of hybrid and electric cars comes down to the ability to keep the same performance, when formula one is the breeding ground of new ideas and when you consider they have the highest level of investment across the industry.

The demand for this technology is everywhere and everyone is everyone to step up. Old school brands like Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford are taking a slice, whilst luxury players like Aston Martin and Bentley are giving in to demand.

New OEMS like Telsa are emerging in the market and even the likes of Dyson, Apple, and Google are having a go at developing electric cars and throwing billions at it.
There not the only areas of the industry having to step up though…


Under the broader banner of electrification, you have a myriad of different kit being designed with the goal of maintaining the same level of performance (speed & distance) then petrol/diesel cars but without the cost and environmental damage.

This includes:

• Batteries
• Invertors
• Power Electronics
• Software
• Hardware
• Motors
• Instrumentation

The Talent Impact – Mapping the Talent Landscape

When it comes to finding talent and staffing this revolution in technology, organisations have had to look outside of their usual pool of talent and literally map the entire competitor landscape, not just direct competitors or even the directly aligned.

Whether looking for:

• Electrochemists;
• Electrical Engineers;
• Test Engineers;
• Control Engineers;
• Power Electronics Engineers;
• Software Engineers;
• Hardware Engineers;
• and everything in between!

Moving into these unchartered waters is a challenge, but one that has been faced and will continue to be faced. It’s exciting and its innovation.

I continue to support my clients daily with mapping the talent market and supplying them with the skills they need to fuel the next stages of development in hybrid innovations. We help find the commercial solutions that take this new hybrid technology to market!

I’ll be attending Cenex in Milbrook on 12th and 13th September. If you’d like to book an appointment with me to discuss talent, jobs and recruitment, contact me on ben.evans@fmctalent.com