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FMC Smart | Mergers and Acquisitions – The impact on Smart Industry talent

Mergers and Acquisitons – the impact on Smart Industry talent

The volume of Merger and Acquisition activity undertaken by software vendors in the Smart Industry sector shows no sign of slowing down in 2020.

While this change has created an extremely dynamic market, it can be a particularly unsettling time for both existing employees and potential new hires.

In this report we explore how M&A activity impacts talent retention and attraction alongside many of the broader implications.

What will you find out?

  • How M&A activity influences the make-up of a workforce
  • The influence of M&A activity on compensation packages
  • What is the impact of M&A on organisational culture?
  • Planning a talent attraction strategy
  • Maximising a talent retention strategy
  • Opportunities to retain top performing talent
  • Employer branding

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FMC Smart Industry | Mergers and Acquisitions – the impact on Smart Industry talent

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