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Job titleSterilisation Technical Specialist – Italy
Job typeMeditech
Salary EUR
Bonus PackageBonus Package
Job description

Surgical robotics is a huge up and coming industry that is taking the medical devices space by storm! One of the UK’s most exciting, award-winning companies is looking for a Sterilisation Technical Specialist to join their team based in Italy and cover the Mediterranean territory. If you’ve got experience working in sterilisation and instrument reprocessing this could be a fantastic opportunity to progress your career. 


The company 

Our client is a disruptive player in the rapidly growing surgical robotics space. They produce state-of-the art robotics for the minimally invasive surgery space that are set to change the face of surgery forever. They have a close-knit and family-orientated culture in the business so they’re passionate about finding people that will fit in with their mission to make the next generation of surgical robot. Their robot will improve patient care and have a huge impact on the healthcare market, from surgeons to patients alike.  


The role 

As a Sterilisation Technical Specialist, you’ll be responsible for keeping up to date with industry regulations and standards for medical device contamination, reprocessing and sterilisation. You’ll be working independently but also across various teams in the business, interacting with everyone from engineers to business partners, to clinicians. 

You’ll spend a lot of your time in the field with customers, across Italy and the Mediterranean region. This role does include extensive national and international travel so a willingness to travel is essential. 


Responsibilities include: 

  • Looking after multiple projects 

  • Collaborating with internal teams and external customers in Italy and the Mediterranean  

  • Advising customers on the use of the company’s instrument reprocessing instructions 

  • Surveying, reporting, and training on the above 

  • Keeping up to date with a working knowledge of industry regulations 

  • Undertaking reprocessing and sterilisation risk assessments 

  • IFU generation and reprocessing related UFMEAs 

  • Keeping relevant documentation updated for existing products to ensure compliance with country and international standards and requirements 

  • Delivering offsite training 

  • Working with the education team to help deliver technical training 


The requirements 

Our client is looking for someone who is enthusiastic and knowledgeable about sterile services and decontamination. As well as this, you will have: 

  • Fluent Italian language skills (native speaker equivalent) and excellent professional knowledge of English (other European languages would be advantageous) 

  • Relevant experience working in sterile services and instrument reprocessing 

  • Experience in training and auditing 

  • Knowledge of sterile services terminology and common procedures 

  • Knowledge of healthcare sterile services trends and the industry in general 

  • Passion for training and educating professionals 

  • Strong relationship building skills with key customers 

  • Ability to contribute to a team environment 

  • Excellent communication skills (verbal and written) 

  • Comfortable working with highly technical material 

  • Computer literacy skills (including Microsoft Office suite) 

  • A desire to help and support team members 

  • Willingness to travel across your European territory (80%) 


Important information 

Reference number: 9899

FMC Contact for this role: Frankie Warder (  

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