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Job titleSolution Engineer
Job typeSmart Industry
Salary135,000 - 160,000 USD
LocationNorth America
Bonus Package220-240k OTE
Job description

Are you a motivated risk taker and team player who always pushes themselves to do more? Our client is currently seeking a Solution Engineer to join their team, gain new customers, and drive business growth. 

The company 

Our client provides a myriad of distinct shop floor and supply chain solutions to many of the aerospace and defense industry’s largest manufacturers. Integrated into one software suite, their product synchronises data and enables collaboration between internal and external teams. From shop floor to top floor, these solutions deliver real-time information that simplifies complex manufacturing and provides product and process improvement.  

The role 

As Solution Engineer, you’ll build a strong understanding of our clients’ business and how their solutions deliver value inside and out. You will build strong professional relationships and overcome resistance to gain commitment and make a noticeable impact on the customer sale.  

Responsibilities include: 

  • Supporting the Account Executive’s to accelerate software revenue growth 

  • Assisting in business case development, and client action plans 

  • Delivering technical presentations and demonstrations around targeted messaging 

  • Developing an in depth understanding of the product portfolio  

  • Maintaining an up-to-date awareness of industry trends and government regulations 

  • Describing industry practise to prospects in an effective manner 

  • Leading on ROI evaluations  

  • Recommending solution modifications to the Product team to drive development 


The requirements 

The successful candidate will have 5+ years’ of hands-on experience in complex discrete manufacturing. Other requirements include: 

  • Bachelor’s degree in a technical or business-related field 

  • 3+ years’ working with an electronic execution system (e.g., MES, MoM, PLM) 

  • Knowledge of Aerospace and Defense manufacturing processes 

  • Experience with general consulting skills, team facilitation, business case development  

  • Knowledge of basic IT functions including Server/VM configuration  

  • Able to quickly assess situations and adjust your presentation to suit the audience  

  • Detail oriented, analytical, and customer focused 

  • Excellent computer literacy skills (MS Office) 

  • Excellent communication skills (both written and verbal) 

  • Proven ability to work and problem solve individually as well as in a team setting 

  • Willing and flexible to travel up to 50% (may include evenings and weekends) 

Important information  

Reference number: 10610 

FMC contact for this role: Persephone Kennedy (

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