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Job titleSCADA/MES Solution Software Support Engineer
Job typeSmart Industry
Salary84,000 - 104,000 USD
LocationNorth America
Bonus PackageBonus
Job description

Do you have a strong track record of providing on-site or remote technical support? Our client is currently looking for a SCADA/MES Solution Support Engineer to join their team in the USA and ensure customers get the very best out of their solutions.

The company

FMC Smart Industry are supporting a 7000 person, globally renowned engineering software vendor, who have pioneered industrial software. Their wide range of solutions are used by almost 20,000 customers across the world. Their mission is to lead the digital transformation charge and enable true operational excellence for capital-intensive industries. For over 50 years, they have worked alongside customer to deep dive into their operational challenges which has inspired ground-breaking solutions. They are also one of the few engineering software and industry X or 4.0 vendors that has a tried and tested cloud platform, delivering a true SaaS experience for the customer. Their technology and business model is modern and future proof.

The role

As SCADA/MES Solution Support Engineer you’ll ensure customers get the very best out of their systems, by addressing technical problems and maintaining reliability and performance. You’ll drive customer satisfaction by identifying and recommending corrective measures to address technical issues.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Helping customers to maintain performance with their systems
  • Assisting Application Engineers with on-site technical difficulties
  • Providing assistance on system upgrades and expansions
  • Researching and recommending corrective measures both in field and in-house
  • Participating in power monitoring system development projects
  • Providing user information requirements
  • Providing test scenarios and typical-use cases for development projects
  • Qualifying product/solution failures and assisting in resolving them
  • Tracking cases on a CRM system
  • Evaluating and testing complex monitoring systems


The requirements

You’ll have a strong track record in software/hardware, database and system troubleshooting as well as strong customer service skills. Other requirements include:

  • Degree level education in Engineering (Electrical, Power Systems or Computer Science preferred)
  • Experience in technical troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Knowledge of SQL database querying and programming
  • VB.Net, C# and HTML5 coding experience
  • Knowledge of power and electrical systems
  • Hands on experience with MES software
  • Understanding of SCADA and HMI
  • Experience of on-site and remote technical support
  • Experience installing and configuring computer servers, networks and operating systems
  • Strong customer service skills with a focus on driving customer satisfaction
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Comfortable working in a dynamic, technical environment
  • Able to travel to customer sites when required

Important information

Reference number: 10956

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