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Job titleProduct Manager – Kitchen UK
Job typeAuto Innovation
Salary40,000 - 50,000 GBP
LocationUK Wide
Bonus Package
Job description

Do you have excellent product management skills with a proven track record of projects delivered on time, cost and on spec? Our client is currently looking for someone to join their team remotely as a Product Manager within their Kitchen division.


The company

Our client is a global manufacturing and distribution company who complete commercial and residential projects all over the world. They focus on surfaces and laminates used for furniture, office and retail space, countertops, and worktops. They sell their products through a network of company-owned independent distributors across North America and internationally.

The role

As Product Manager, you’ll be responsible for the profitable growth of the Kitchen category in the UK whilst making recommendations on all aspects of our clients’ products through the entire product lifecycle.

Responsibilities include:

· Supporting the development and implementation of a long-term product strategy

· Defining the product range within channel and product categories

· Delivering products on time, on cost and on spec

· Analysing sales and margin to ensure compliance with plans

· Creating and delivering product training

· Engaging with key suppliers in alignment with procurement

· Reviewing pricing data and creating a pricing strategy

· Ensuring high customer satisfaction


The requirements

You’ll have at least 5 years working experience in marketing or technology as well as…

· Bachelor’s degree qualified in a relevant discipline

· Strong product management skills

· Highly developed business acumen, technology, and social competencies

· Strong analytical and skills and a high level of attention to detail

· Able to build strong, meaningful relationships with stakeholders at all levels

· Winning spirit, high resilience, and thought leadership

· Exceptional communication skills (written and verbal)

· Flexible and willing to travel nationally and internationally


Important information

FMC contact for this role: Stephanie Allen (

Reference number: 10833

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